An Argument Against Burning The American Flag

9 September 2017

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Having been called a hemorrhage bosom leberal several times in my life, this is one issure that you could non impeach me of being namby-pamby about. The demands to be a constitutional amendment criminalizing he firing of the Flag of the United States of America. In my head, this is no debating this issue.

Recently, one time once more, Congress has voted down a constitional amendment that would hold favored fedeal condemnable punishments for the descreation of the American Flag. There is a lame arguemnt that doing it illegal to fire our flag would be puting a unsafe case in point with respects to puting unacceptable bounds on free address. This would non be possible if you defined this jurisprudence rather specifically, for illustration, the act of profaning or the scene of the American Flag on fire is against the jurisprudence & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; .period. It would turn out to be hard and complicated to umbrella other issues under this.

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An Argument Against Burning The American Flag
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From a formalist position, utilizing Kants & # 8217 ; Notion of the Ca

tegorical Imperative which is based on the premiss of “all or none” , we must see if we, as a society, should look the other manner or condone flag combustion. I feel that a definite bound must be topographic point on this issue. Flag buring is the prototype of the disloyal act. It has nil to make with “an assault on freedom of expression.” The act is an abuse for all those who love this state, who have fought for it, and given their lives in some instances. America has her mistakes and ruins, but she deserves our regard. If we don’t experience regard for this state, all right. Just don’t burn the flag. If in fact you feel that strongly against our state, I would ask for you to happen a better state to populate in. Now there’s an thought. For all the monsters that think it okay to fire our national symbol, Congress could go through a jurisprudence giving them 24 hours to go forth this state that they think so ill of. It makes on halt and believe, doesn’t it?

An Ethical Position on American Issues. R.J. Bruins, 1998 McGraw Hill

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