An Epoch in Business Through E-Commerce

4 April 2015
A business report which examines how a national retailing company can gain competitive advantage by using electronic commerce to compete with the global competitors.

The paper indicates that nowadays, most businesses embrace some form electronic commerce since wherever one is in the world, electronic trading is booming as the internet and World Wide Web offer unlimited opportunities to transform the way business is conducted. o find out if it necessary for a specific company to do electronic commerce it’s important to evaluate how it will affect the scope of their business and ensure that they are well prepared to realize its full potential. The purpose of this business report is to enable CEOs and managers to understand the competitive ramifications of electronic commerce within their arenas of corporate competition. The solutions presented enable executives to take effective action in developing a strong, unique and effective strategy for their own organization. The author of this paper takes the role as an E-Business consultant to offer national retailing companies the best solution to compete against new entrants and their existing competitors.
To gain competitive advantage through information, according to management consultant and author Peter Drucker (1993), the most important sources of information for competitive advantage and strategic decision-making are from the outside world. In order to make better decisions, chief executives and top-level managers require fresh information about trends in the economy and the marketplace, the activities of competitors, new developments in technology, and new product opportunities. This information and its creative application provide the crucial new opportunities for companies to move ahead of their competition.
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