An Evaluation of Extra Sensory Perception

4 April 2015
This paper evaluates the paranormal phenomena of “people being able to read minds” or as it is more scientific called: “Extra sensory perception” (ESP), “precognition,” “controlled remote viewing” and “anomalous cognition.”

This paper states that, to date, parapsychology research has only been able to demonstrate the likelihood of the ability to “read minds.” The author reviews the SCAI experiments but believes that science has not been able to explain clearly and definitively the phenomena. He concludes that currently science believes the probability of people being able to read minds is low though evidence in the future may indicate otherwise.
“Recent premises for the above claim by parapsychologists are the results of the ganzfeld, the random-number generator, and the famous SRI and SAIC experiments. Prima facie, it would appear that there is a great deal of empirical evidence to indicate that mind reading can and does happen. However, a closer look will reveal that all the cited examples of scientifically approached experiments suffered from certain limitations. The SAIC experiments on anomalous mental phenomena have been acknowledged by a large body of respected scientists to be methodologically and statistically superior to the earlier SRI research as well as to previous parapsychological studies, since they avoided all the major flaws such as non-independent trials and the problems of multiple statistical testing that was characteristic of much of the previous work.”

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