An Exciting and Enjoyable Party

1 January 2018

Irritably I could hardly contain my delight when I received an invitation to a “Horror Party’ which has held in honor of Countess Drachma’s birthday. The Countess was actually my best friend, Sandra, and she wanted a special party to celebrate her fourteenth birthday. The day before the party, some of us went to Sander’s house to decorate the place. We paid attention to all the details, covering the lights with colored cellophane paper and even decorating the trays with tinsel.

We also put up all kinds of weird corrections on the wall to give the place an eerie look.At end of the day, our efforts were rewarded for the place did look rather like Countess Drachma’s home – so Sander’s father said. Most of the guests arrived punctually, eager to get the party going. Everyone had taken pains to come up with an appropriate costume. In fact, my costume was so good that hardly anyone recognized me.

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It had taken me weeks to complete the black sequined gown and the painted mask. The cake in the shape of a haunted castle, complete with cobwebs made of candy loss, brought shrieks of delight from the guests.

The cake was a chocolate mousse and was extremely delicious. When the music started, we were thrilled. The colorful lights and the fast music added to the lively atmosphere. We grabbed partners and danced to our hearts’ delight. The hours passed quickly and all too soon, the party came to an end. I was grateful not only to Sandra for Inviting me to the party, but also to her parents for being so broad-minded as to allow us teenagers such a wonderful treat. That was Indeed a party that I shall never forget.

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