An Exegesis of Genesis 11:1-9

4 April 2015
An insight into the story of the “Tower of Babel”.

This paper examines both the literal and figurative interpretations of the story of the Tower of Babel found in Genesis 11:1-9. It supports the theory that in this case, there is no disparity between them.
“The Bible speaks to many people in many different ways. Even a seemingly simple passage can have many interpretations. Genesis is a combination of narrative stories, which illustrate man’s relationship with YHWH, as well as relationships among themselves. It also contains genealogical information about the first family groupings and the population of the earth. The genealogical passages are relatively straightforward, the only areas of disagreement being seemingly temporal disparities from generation to generation. The narratives, however, have at least two interpretations and many variations on these depending on whether one takes them as literal (word for word as they happened), or as symbolic of concepts and historical events.”

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