An ideal school

1 January 2018

There are many schools but ideal school is rare. An ideal school is situated in ideal surroundings, away from noise and din of the city. There is the peaceful atmosphere which is essential to study.

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An ideal school is housed in a spacious building. Its rooms are well ventilated and well- furnished. The classes are not overcrowded.

Library of a school reflects its real character. The library of an ideal school is stocked with good books of all types. Moreover, its laboratories are well- equipped.

Then comes the principal. The Principal plays an important role in improving the standard of his school. The Principal of an ideal school devotes all his time and energy to the improvement of the school. But he can achieve his goal only if he has a team of dedicated and self – sacrificing teachers.

The mere teaching of books is not enough. An ideal school looks to all-round development of the students. it has large playgrounds. there is stress on games and sports. Only an ideal school can produce ideal citizens who take their proper responsibility in the service of society as well as the country.

I am proud of studying in an ideal school which is well known in Rajasthan as well as the whole country. Its name is Adarsh Vidhya Mandir Senior (Higher) Secondary School, Jaipur. It is situated at Raja Park in Adarsh Nagar (Jaipur). The school has a wide space. It is free from noise, dust, and smoke of the city.

In front of main building, it has two lengthy lawns having green grass, flower beds, different shapes of fencing bushes with a central fountain. Two permanent gardeners are responsible for this. Beside huge double-storeyed building, including 33 rooms, there is an open prayer – ground with drama stage. The school building E- shaped is very grand. It charms everybody. All rooms are attached with long, neat and clean verandah. It has two playgrounds at a distance of 100 meters from the school campus. It has its own tube – well and swimming pool with the coach.

Our school has a standard hostel divided into senior and Junior wings. Seats are limited. The hostel is famous for discipline and study. We have students from Nepal, Bombay, M.P. and some other different states. We have educational tours to Nepal, Kashmir, Bombay, South India etc. the whole arrangement is made by student union under the guidance of respected teachers.

There are about fifty teachers in my school they are all highly qualified. They all work hard in teaching us. They help us in every way possible. They are our true friends and guides. Our results are the best in the city. All the teachers are very kind towards us. They look after our studies, healthy and character.

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