An Important Issue in Business Ethics Essay Sample

In the modern twenty-four hours concern of warming and air conditioning ( HVACR ) . contractors’ ability to make ethical concern is questionable. The article that I selected examined the probe on the High Velocity Air Conditioning Industry by the NBC’s Today Show. the writer Herb Woerpel provinces “Are HVAC contractors trustworthy? A recent clandestine probe conducted by NBC News’ “Today” show suggests that residential HVACR technicians are after one thing: a homeowner’s money. ” ( Woerpel. 2012 ) . NBC’s “Today” show fact-finding newsman shows the lack in concern moralss. The concern that was raised by the fact-finding newsman. tried to demo that HVAC contractors do non run under ethical guidelines. The land regulations were reasonably simple for this fact-finding study. It states that “NBC so affixed eight hidden cameras on the air conditioner and in secret filmed as six contractors responded to a service call to name and repair the issue. ” ( Woerpel. 2012 ) . They created a really easy cheap fix for a qualified HVAC technician to mend. Then. NBC had a female letter writer as a place proprietor which was set up for this study.

Each of the six contractors easy found and repaired the minor defect. NBC revealed the unethical. if non condemnable. actions by the portion of the HVAC contractors that. “One maintenance man claimed the job was caused by a faulty capacitance. and requested $ 395 for the fix. Another told the householder that the unit was leaking combustible fluid and requested $ 692 to mend the nonexistent job. Yet another jack of all trades wanted $ 850 for several unneeded parts. and a 4th contractor demanded $ 950 for three parts including a clip hold that wasn’t even in the unit. ” ( Woerpel. 2012 ) Four out of the six contractors. unethically attempted to over charge the perspective consumer for unneeded fixs. This type of ethical lack non merely hurts the companies that the contractors work for. it causes untrusty reactions to the industry. This type of dishonest behaviour can be a concern for turning and keeping a strong bridgehead in the building market place.

It would look to the mean spectator that there were no existent ethical guidelines that the companies use to supply their services. When NBC subsequently contacted these companies to describe the findings of their probe. some cited a deficiency of organisational leading. as good. on the contractors themselves. The contractors are motivated by their compensation. a per centum of the overall fee collected at the clip of service. The direction in the terminal blamed the employees and the employees did non hold any remarks for NBC.

In the short term. to back up this industry in altering its policies to a more ethical manner of making concern. I would foremost urge altering from paying the contractors based on the sum of work they complete. but instead pay them an hourly pay with fillips. The fillips would reflect the employees’ public presentation. which includes client service. This will assist guarantee that these companies perspective is more of ethical standing. Second. I would urge that all employees take compulsory preparation on proper ethical concern patterns and process. This would educate directors that net incomes can be made while working ethical guidelines.

The seminars would besides foreground the fact that HVAC units are a merchandise that all places need and will one twenty-four hours hold to be repaired and maintained. In bend. the employee will larn that giving the client good client services ; will wish gain their repetition concern. The seminars will besides stress the importance of merely doing necessary fixs will do them efficient employees. hence. gaining more fillips and possible publicities. Our neighbours to the North in Canada have established a particular HVAC enfranchisement through the Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada. This compulsory enfranchisement enumerates that “A MSCC certified contractor is an elect contractor with solid concern moralss. trained and qualified people. a good safety record. has a focal point on client service and believes in go oning instruction. said Scott Grobel. MSCC’s western vice-chair. ” ( Williams. 2010 ) .

Psychologically talking. the alteration in the heads of the employees. from working hard to working smarter. will back up the companies in doing more money. If the employees make merely the necessary fixs from house to house. they will be able to supply more services to more householders. therefore. doing more money. If a contractor is able to carry through multiple orders on a day-to-day footing. so they will gain fillips and possible publicities for their attempts. Directors can concentrate on the importance of a long-run client. Finally. the HVAC units will interrupt and the client will necessitate a new one. If the clients are satisfied with the quality of work and client service. the directors can anticipate the client to buy a new unit from that company.

For a long term end to back up these concerns. I would urge making an extended rating period. First. directors would be evaluated based on their ability to actuate their employees. using the ethical guidelines and policies. Directors would be evaluated by their supervisors and the employees that straight report to them. This would guarantee that direction is following the policies of the companies and supplying appropriate leading harmonizing to the companies conduct policy. Long term ratings for the contractors would include client satisfaction studies. every bit good as. trailing of repetition clients. I would besides urge they be randomly shadowed by their director to guarantee that they are following the ethical policies of their companies. For employees that do non run into the criterions of their companies. expiration could be a consequence. For engaging new staff. there would be a new accent on the importance of great client service and preparation of ethical patterns. New staff would be on a 90 twenty-four hours probation period to demo their dedication to the ethical patterns of the company.

The profound thought of “virtue moralss perspective” incorporates the type of alterations the HVAC urgently needs to accomplish. Our text edition writer Trevino ( 2011 ) stated. “A virtuousness moralss perspective considers the actor’s character. motives. and intentions…According to virtue moralss. it is of import that the single intends to be a good individual and exerts attempt to develop him or herself as a moral agent. to tie in with others who do the same. and to lend to making an organisational context that supports ethical behaviour. ” ( pg. 45 )

There needs to be a alteration in the HVAC industry from doing a speedy dollar to an industry based on good client service and ethical patterns. The NBC’s fact-finding study showed the unethical patterns that cause consumers great concern and misgiving within this industry. It will take all of our short and long term ends to be accomplished to finally repair the public trust. If the HVAC companies would see some these really basic alterations. they could recover the trust of the consumers and do more money. with employees that put the client foremost every bit good as do a net income.


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