An Important Moment in Life

7 July 2016

As we grow up and get older, more important moments have happened or will happen in our life that deeply affect or even change us. Sometimes we knew the moment was important when it was happening, like getting married. However, sometimes we did not know the importance at that moment, and realized what the moment meant after a long time has passed. I had an experience like this when I was eighteen years old. I remember that day is the last day of August.

My parents and I sat on a chair in the train station waiting for the train that would carry me to another city for studying in college. This was my first time leaving home. My mother looked upset and was afraid that I would not be able to take care of myself. My baggage was full of daily necessities and my favorite snacks that she prepared for me. She warned me against all sorts of weirdness. “Don’t walk at night! ”; “Stay away from strangers! ”; “Don’t keep money in your bag, ever!

An Important Moment in Life Essay Example

” I promised her while a little absent-minded because the excitement of leaving home was filling my heart. I expected meeting new people and living on my own without parental authority. When the train came into the station, my mother’s eyes turned red, and I hurried to get on the train for fear of facing her tears. “Call home often! ” she said loudly behind me. Later, the train slowly moved off the station, I saw my parents stay at the platform and became smaller as they disappeared from my sight.

I didn’t realize that moment of my first time for leaving home was unique in my life on that day, but my life and my parents’ life began to change since that moment. I could not go home every day any more like a high school student: I went back home twice a year during I was in college: once a year after I got a job and once two years after I got married. When I got on the train for leaving home the first time, I did not know what it meant when people said, “you can’t go home again. ” but now I understand.

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