An In-Depth Look at Sin and Punishment

4 April 2015
A comparison of “Genesis”, “Exodus”, “The Book of Job” and the “Inferno”.

This comprehensive paper looks at sin and punishment in religious writing. It starts by comparing the hierarchies of punishment in the different texts brought about by the corrupt powers of the time. It goes on to compare these texts and the stories contained, looking at God’s judgment of man.

From the paper:

Sin and punishment are the themes of both the Bible and Dante’s Inferno. Both contain hierarchy, influenced by the cultural influences around them at the time.

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An In-Depth Look at Sin and Punishment
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Dante wrote in a time when the Holy Roman Catholic Church was the ultimate source of authority and power. The writers of the Bible wrote in a time when the Pharaohs of Egypt were in ultimate power over the early Hebrews. Both writers wrote from a viewpoint different and opposing to the cultures who were in control at the time. Both disagree with the ideals of the powers in control at the time.

It is in this thought that we will examine the various ideas of sin and punishment in both works. Both have a hierarchy of punishment, which fits the sin. It is clear that the Bible influenced Dante in his levels of hell, but it is also clear that his hierarchy was more defined than that of the Bible. The influence of the Catholic Church was clearly one reason for this structured approach.”

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