An Interview with Jennifer South WWOR-TV

4 April 2015
This paper discusses network television advertising with reference to an in depth interview with Ms. South,a former sales executive at WWOR-TV UPN 9.

The paper examines network television advertising, focusing specifically on United Paramount Network, their guidelines on clearance and affiliate compensation, pricing, block programming, CPMS and Avails. Ms. South explains the differences between front, scattered, and spot buys as well as the definition of the terms: coverage area, day parts, preemption rates and station contract.
From the paper:

” ?The first step in getting your advertisement placed on UPN is garnering clearance for your ad. If your ad isn?t approved by the network it won?t air.?, Ms. South stipulates. ?To avoid expensive editing costs you shouldn?t even make the commercial unless prior approval has been received for the commercial at the script and storyboard level.? During the clearance phase all claims espoused in the commercial must be documented”.

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