An Ordinary Woman

8 August 2016

The short story, An Ordinary Woman by Bette Green is without a doubt, a good piece of literature to include to the Search for the Truth unit. The story relates to many of the universal truths in the world but especially that one’s perception influences his or her view of the truth. The piece of literature absolutely addresses many of the essential questions but mainly the question, “How does one’s perception influence his/her view of the truth? ” In the story, Amanda Brooks was always called and considered “lucky” which is the truth.

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Amanda lost her daughter and husband but was still living life for a reason, luckily unlike them. Amanda did not see it that way because of her perception; she did not accept the truth that she is lucky because she felt as if it was her against the world. Her losses changed her way of life and perception almost eliminating the truth, leaving a surreal world. An Ordinary Woman does in fact present truth as a theme. Not only did the author use a relatable plot, but a very strong use of the characters emotion and what is going on through their mind.

People tend to put blame on themselves and contradict their thoughts; further more, contradiction of one’s thoughts creates change in perception and life. Amanda went through this in the short story as many others in the world do. In the story during her thoughts it says, “Luck. Dumb unpredictable luck. Maybe there’s no such thing as luck. ” She is showing the universal truth of one’s perception influences his/her view of the truth by contradicting her old thoughts on luck. From my readings, the piece of literature is an appropriate choice with relevance to today’s world.

Throughout the past couple of years, the world has gone through many disasters resulting in confusion and raised emotions. Amanda Brooks had these exact feelings. She felt as if she had failed not only herself but her family and who they were. This story is not only relatable to today’s world but sends a very deep message out to people who read it. P. s. Hopefully you will take consideration into including An Ordinary Woman by Bette Green, this tremendous story, into the Search for the Truth unit. Thank you,

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