Analysis of Endings by Gavin Ewart

7 July 2016

The poem “Endings” shows a great amount of imagery and emotions. The writer applied a brilliant simile when saying- ‘The kisses that were hot as curry. ‘ This simile is one of the many visceral lines that helps the reader understand the poets emotions. It gives them an appropriate representation of how the poet used to feel. In the poem “Ending,” the author continuously stresses that the passion between them is from former experience by using words or phrases in the past tense such as ‘were,’ ‘we thought’ and “the feet that ran”.

By doing this he is reinforcing to the reader that things have changed. On his next line he shows how morbid and dull things are presently by saying-‘are the bird pecks taken in a hurry. ” This metaphor gives the reader a clear idea and visual of the lack of emotion he shares with his lover by giving the impression of brief and almost non-existent acts of affection.

There was also alliteration used in the sentence “The feet that ran to meet a date,” this arrangement has a catchy sound to it and makes the reader automatically pick up the pace to accompany both the meaning of the verse, but also the sound of the words forming together. Gavin Ewart succeeded in painting a sad and expressive poem through his unique metaphors and similes. The poem has clever descriptions which influence the figurative imagery, making it more affective for the reader to understand, reflect and relate to the feelings being conveyed. A Small analyses of a poem.

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