Analysis of Jamika Chapters 1 and 2

7 July 2016

1. What positive and negative managerial characteristics does Jamika possess? Positives: She set objectives by ordering Marianne to call both employees to have them to bring in a doctor’s note when they return back to work after having to reschedule the clients hair appointments. She is doing the best she can do by showing leadership by saying to herself that she would take care of the situation personally. Negatives: She didn’t show great communication with her employees that were out sick in my opinion and not wanting to apologize for her outburst. She is not controlling because of the simple fact that she is afraid of getting rid of a few employees if it ever came down to that point for her to do so.

2. How do these traits help or hinder her potential to get the top position at the Riverwood Mall salon? I think that it will hinder her chances because as the head manager, you can’t afford to make any mistakes like this because to store is basically in the head manager’s hands. If she doesn’t fix her mistakes, then she will be removed as the head manager.

3. How do you think Jamika should have handled each of the incidents with Marianne? Holly and Carol Jean? Victoria? I think that Jamika should have called Holly and Carol Jean herself instead of ordering Marianne to do it since she is the head manager. Jamika should have talked to Holly and Carol Jean ask them how long they would be out sick and ask them if they would bring her a doctor’s note when they return instead of reacting the way she did. She needs to show better communication skills. I think that she should also appreciate Victoria a little more because she was somewhat relieving Jamika from her stress.

Chapter 2

7. Explain the basic idea underlying the contingency view. How would you go about identifying key contingencies facing an organization? The contingency view states that the successful resolution of organizational problems depends on a manager’s identification of key variations in the situation. Management’s job is to search for important contingencies in their industry, technology, the environment, and international cultures.

8. Why can an event such as the Hawthorne studies be a major turning point in the history of management, even if the results of the studies are later shown to be in error? Discuss. The Hawthorne Studies were a series of experiments on worker productivity started in 1924 at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric Company. The tests were to determine the effect of illumination on output; five tests pointed to the importance of factors other than illumination in affecting productivity. Early interpretations agreed that human relations not money caused increased output. Workers performed better when managers treated them positively. New data showed that money mattered, but productivity increased because of increased feelings of importance and group pride felt when selected for the project. One unintended contribution of the experiments was a rethinking of field research practices. Researchers realized that the researcher could influence the outcome of an experiment by being too involved with research subjects

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