Analysis of Philo Henyo

1 January 2018

We first heard of Pinot Henry from a popular Manila noontime TV show that excites audience and makes them think Like scientists or even geniuses. The Idea is for the player to give within the allowed time the answer for the word he has to guess. And yes indeed, this is not just as simple as shouting random words until you hit the jackpot. It Is more than that that makes the winner, Indeed genius. How does one do it? He thinks in terms of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, – and classifying them from the most general to specific until they come up with the right word.

And yes, in order to be successful In this game, as mentioned, you cannot say random words and expect that guessing would be easy. One must have a good knowledge of taxonomies, or better yet defining words intentional and extensional or processes wherein you are sorting out the knowledge from the more general to specifics. The person who guesses, and the person who states whether It Is “00. Hind’, or Pawed” must have some kind of an idea or concept to what the word really means.And through this, the game unravels and the players starts to mention properties or traits of the word in order to be more familiarized with word being guessed The best way to explain what is going on in this guessing game is through extensional and intentional knowledge. Two of the words that were Introduced to me In taking Phil 1 are extensional and intentional. If someone asks you, What is blue? ” the tendency is you could point to the sky, a blue bag, or maybe, a car in that color.

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And from there, you may have sufficiently defined blue.To give and Intentional definition Is to define a word or phrase in terms of other words, as a dictionary does and on the other hand, to give n extensional definition is to point examples, as what adults do when they give out new concepts to young children. It Is a way of telling someone what you mean by a concept. And how you best describe words is using crossfire of intentional and extensional communication to nail down a concept. Now this has been one of the Tao, baggy, happy, Lugar, or panegyric, which basically gives us an overall grasp of words of course relating to Filipino as acquired from the game’s title.I have realized over the span of watching numerous game episodes and playing it, hat, Pinot Henry does follow a pattern and a set of steps but at times may Just be out of pure luck as one right away guesses the word without even going over the steps. Just like that of defining words, after going over the category of the word, the next thing the player does is to give a set of characteristic which both of them should have a prior knowledge of.

During the past year, we had the fun of playing Pinot Henry in an Anthropology 1 class.Of course, it is not as easy as using the general terms such as pinto, pack, appeal etc. , (words which we encounter everyday) cause in order for our professor to prove that we really have understood the lessons and was able to familiarize ourselves with the new words and concepts such as Neanderthals, Photocopiers, etc. , he made us play this game. Without the prior knowledge, we won’t be able to cite its categories, further expound on its characteristics, and won’t be able to say a word due to a fact that the word has not yet been included in ones extensional definition of the concept.One, who didn’t really study, will make a fool out of himself, Just cause of playing this game. In class, during our Phil Henry, the player must guess the word, “Takeaway’.

On the process of the game, one of the best players in class went over the technique of going from the most general category all the way down to the word. Unfortunately in the end, he wasn’t able to guess it in the given timeshare. In analyzing the reasons why although, it can be a simple word, which many of us Filipinos are aware of. It is given for a fact that we have knowledge that it is indeed a place.But as more and more questions are being asked, and the ideas of both players way of thinking start o differ from each other, that is when the problem arises which makes it harder to guess as saying “Pawed” when it can indeed be “00” would make a big significance to how the player who’s guessing thinks. The game doesn’t only depend on one’s concept of the word. When questions are being asked, different answers and perspectives will arise which can also lead to confusion and sometimes even deviate you from guessing the correct word.

This game comprises of two roles, to which both are significant.These are the one who guesses the word, and the one who affirms ND rejects, or utter words on the given set of questions pertaining to the word and in any given game situation, there should be team effort and “mutual understanding” to become a winner. The complexity of this game has led me to the conclusion that this game depends so much on the knowledge of both extensions and intentions. Though we have established that extensions give the player an easier route in defining the word, we must not say that intension is any less important.It is Just that we choose this since citing down the categories or examples below it. To have a complete understanding f the meaning of a concept, you use the intension, which does the person answering “00, Pawed, or Hindi” do initially. The task is for both parties to have a simple, clear, and precise, concept of the word.

One of the reasons why it is complex happens when we are presented with words with more than one meaning; such as say for example the word “orange”.It can be narrowed down to the color, or the fruit but then again this is where confusion for both players begins which makes this game really challenging. Although I have a thought that people who invented this game should have named his game Phil Henry instead of Pinot Henry, I have also realized that in order to play this game, two people should both have a common descent or a common understanding of words in order to become the winner, such as by being both Filipinos, sharing the same culture, environment, and beliefs.

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