Analysis of Rush Limbaugh

12 December 2017

Since the time of the woman’s suffrage movement, many articles and essays have reached newspapers and magazines across the country. Several of these essays were written to inform people, but others were created to strictly entertain the audience. Rush Lumbago’s essay, “The Latest from the Feminist Front,” is an essay created to entertain and voice only his pollen. The elements of writing used to create a credible and valid argument can be taken out of context.

Rush Lumbago sees style, form, and claims to make his argument but is not effective in making his argument valid. The form represented In Lumbago’s essay Is an adversarial, single perspective argument. “The Latest from the Feminist C]Front'” argues what the Idea of fearfulness is in a vague form by never truly stating the definition Just Lumbago’s opinion. He addresses his thoughts on what feminism has caused in this country concerning reforms In attitudes towards sexual harassment, general advances toward women, and the actual power that women possess.

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He argues each point respectively from is personal standpoint instead of using facts and the opposing position to make his argument stronger. Lumbago also uses style to present his point of view. Lumbago uses an extremist style of writing to present elements of his argument.

The extremist style Is similar to the Pathos proof because both appeal to an audience’s emotions. Lumbago uses this to appeal to his male audience by stating that “men will become fearful about making any advances” (238). This statement appeals to the emotion of fear in men, and the state of power that women have acquired over the years.The appeal to his audience’s emotions leads to the types of claims that Lumbago makes throughout his essay. Lumbago makes several claims throughout the entirety of his essay. In his claims, Lumbago claims that men will be fearful, women have more power than they realize, and that society “trivialize real sexual harassment and real rape” (238). With his claims, Lumbago questions the way society has given power to women.

Based on his claims, he feels that “feminists” are creating a society that men cannot approach women without the possibility of harassment charges being made.

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