Analysis of Scene One of ‘a Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Williams’ begins the scene with a description of New Orleans’ Elysian Fields ; the town in which it is set. It seems old and somewhat hapless which begs the audience to inquire the inquiry ‘why? ’ as America during the 1950’s was known for its stableness and its economic roar in which all countries of America were invested in. So had this town been neglected. is it that cut off from mainstream America? The subdivision is described as holding a ‘raffish charm’ unlike most other American metropoliss – Williams uses this to propose a more insouciant life style in Elysian Fields. Williams uses the conversation between the Negro adult female and Eunice to demo that racial ethnicities mix easy in Elysian Fields. strange for 1950’s America during which racial segregation was the norm and the battle for racial equality had merely started. Williams is seeking to convey that the topographic point in which the drama is set is unlike any other topographic point in America. a topographic point where formalities are about all forgotten. The ‘blue piano’ is introduced here and is used throughout the scene. It is clearly an of import portion to the drama as a whole and is used to put the tone for the town. The term ‘blue’ is frequently used to depict unhappiness within person.

New Orleans is the town of wind. where mainstream wind was born – the bluish piano could be declarative of the town’s wind roots and hence an disposed manner for Williams to depict the ambiance for the scene. Playing blues on the piano could bespeak a sad stoping for the drama. about a premonition for the audience that non all terminations are happy. Williams’ usage of the ‘blue piano’ in tense. sad or uncomfortable minutes in the scene emphasises the characters emotions and adds dramatic genius to the scene. Williams’ duologue in the first scene truly introduces his characters at their most honorable phase. Their reactions to each other reveal to the audience their most cardinal traits and Williams’ descriptions of them hint at their upbringings. Their gestures and actions indicate to the audience how they feel towards other characters and his descriptions of the characters give the audience penetration into their history. Stanley in scene one is introduced as a adult male about 30 old ages old. ‘roughly dressed’ – this gives him a really common air. a really normal adult male without many wealths. person who works hard for a life.

His really first minute with Stella. his married woman. we get to see. is him shouting for her and throwing a ball of meat at her without even hesitating to see if she caught it or to apologize for his behavior. This gives him a really beastly mode about him and it is clear he is no gentleman. He besides doesn’t truly bother to state Stella where he is traveling until she asks him ; to the audience he is seen as a adult male who is non thoughtful towards his wife’s feelings and her programs. His idiolect suggests that he was born and bred in America. despite him being Polish. but has some 1950’s slang so that he isnt peculiarly good spoken and possibly has a peculiar speech pattern as he doesn’t rather pronounce all his T’s ‘My clothes’re stickin’ to me’ . Williams’ long character description of Stanley subsequently on in the first scene gives the audience an penetration into Stanley’s life before the scene. His physical description is that of an attractive adult male. five ft eight inches. ‘strongly. compactly built’ . It shows the audience he is a adult male a batch of adult females would desire.

Williams’ continues on to depict Stanley’s attitude to adult females being much like ‘a amply feathered male bird among hens’ suggesting that Stanley’s experience with adult females is extended and that he is no alien to the attending of a female. Stanley is described as holding an air of ‘animal joy’ about him – this illuminates his beastly idiosyncrasies and possibly suggests the manner he treats Stella is both petroleum and inhumane. He is described as a adult male who is really much representative of the full male species of human and really normal in that he loves ‘good nutrient and drink and games. his auto. his radio’ Williams concludes his description of Stanley with mention to Stanley’s attitude towards adult females saying clearly that he is a adult male who Judgess on expressions ‘with sexual mention. petroleum images blinking into his mind’ and this determines the manner he treats them. The manner Stanley treats Blanche. Stella’s sister. in the first scene is with some regard. every bit much as the audience can anticipate from a adult male such as Stanley. This could propose that Stanley finds Blanche attractive. Stanley nevertheless catches onto Blanches imbibing which makes things uncomfortable between the two of them.

Stanley’s slogan is ‘Be comfortable’ which suggests that he hasn’t got much forbearance for things which make him uncomfortable. like holding a sister-in-law over for a long piece. Stanley takes off his shirt in forepart of Blanche demoing he hasn’t got much in the manner of shame or humbleness. Stanley describes himself as ‘unrefined’ to Blanche – this is about a perfect word for the boylike hubby bowling title-holder. When he addresses Stella. it isn’t without much idea as to why Stella is upset. once more demoing the audience the manner he can sometimes be boorish and intimations that she is in love with him far more than he is with her. Stella in the first scene is foremost introduced when Stanley throws the meat bundle at her. Williams makes it clear that she is a ‘gentle adult female about 25 and of a background evidently rather different from her husband’s’ . Her reaction to Stanley’s wild mode is about unconcern in a manner that signifies it is usual for her to be treated in such a manner. This suggests a tolerance in Stella 2nd to none and possibly a love for her hubby excessively deep she doesn’t even notice the manner he doesn’t attention much about her. The audience immediately becomes sympathetic towards Stella.

Stella’s short conversation with Eunice shows she has a concern for her friends and is a polite and good mannered adult female doing it apparent of her background. The manner Stella has to catch up to Stanley as he makes his manner to the bowling back street with his friend Mitch is possibly a symbolic manner for Williams to present the nature of Stella and Stanley’s relationship ; her trailing him. and him with his dorsum to her non caring whether she comes or non. When Blanche arrives and Stella goes back place for her. it is evident that she has sisterly concern for Blanche and loves her dearly: this endears Stella to the audience even further. Stella’s reaction to Blanche shows that possibly Stella is used to her sisters wonts and is used to being somewhat overshadowed by Blanche. It is besides clear that Stella has been trained from a really early age on how to maintain her sister happy which is seen through Williams’ descriptions ‘dutifully: they haven’t slipped one atom. ’ Stella says in response to Blanche’s anxiousness of her expressions. In response to Blanche’s critism of her place. Stella shows she is content where she is. happy in the status she lives in and it is all of a sudden obviously to the audience that she means it and her love of Stanley must be really strong in order for her to prefer her current province of life to her old which is unmistakably a munificent place called Belle Reve.

Williams farther accents Stella’s love for Stanley through Stella explicating how she feels when Stanley leaves – how she breaks down when he eventually comes place. Stella’s idiolect is much like Blanche’s nevertheless it is somewhat less Southern bespeaking the clip they have spent off from each other. When Stella finds out about Belle Reve being lost and Blanche practically attacks her for non being at that place. it is clear that Stella doesn’t rather blasted Blanche the manner Blanche blames Stella for the loss. The daze of the loss of her childhood place coupled with Blanches onslaught do Stella to shout and the audience feels bad for Stella. she doesn’t deserve to be shouted at like that. From Blanches onslaught nevertheless. he audience learns that Stella left place ten old ages ago after their male parent died and ne’er returned. go forthing Blanche to confront her full households decease saloon Stella’s on her ain. travel to the funerals and face the sorrow on her ain. It gives Stella a certain type of defiance about her which contrasts with the really soft obeisance that Williams has presented her with in the first scene. Williams’ description of Blanche introduces her to the drama as person who doesn’t tantrum in with her less than munificent milieus. who is possibly used to finery and comes from a privileged background.

Blanches reaction to Elysian Fieldss and Stanley and Stella’s place is used to light Blanche’s sentiment of the country and shows the audience that Blanche is slightly high and mighty and looks upon the state of affairs with an air of high quality. Williams describes her as a ‘moth’ which suggests to the audience that Blanche seems delicate. fragile and ready to wing off at a moment’s notice. Besides. Williams draws mention to the fact that moths are frequently lead to their ain devastation. the devastation being a fire of some kind. Possibly here the audience are warned that Blanche may be taking herself to her ain devastation as moths frequently do. As Eunice and the Negro Woman is speaking to Blanche. Blanche pauses a batch in her address: she is both nervous at her current state of affairs and wants to halt speaking to Eunice and the Negro Woman. This indicates that possibly Blanche doesn’t want to tie in with the other race or that she merely doesn’t want to tie in with people from this sort of vicinity. once more demoing the audience her superior attitude. Inside Stella’s house. Williams describes Blanche as sitting ‘very stiffly with her shoulders somewhat hunched and her legs pressed near together’ which seems to propose she is uncomfortable with her state of affairs but intends to see her visit through.

Through Blanche’s reaction to happening whisky it is easy imaginable to the audience that Blanche has some kind of history with intoxicant and needs some to calm herself for intelligence she has yet to give. She tries to conceal any grounds of her indulgence and when offered another drink she says she can merely hold one as it is her bound. knowing that she already has had one. Possibly she wants to look in control of herself and her organic structure nevertheless the most likely ground for Williams doing a point of this is that he wants to do it clear that Blanche cares a batch about what people think about her. Until Blanche sees her sister. she seems detached from the audience. in her ain universe a universe far from there’s and there is nil the audience can associate to with her merely yet. Most of Blanche is a enigma to the audience until so. When Stella does arrive place. Blanches delighted reaction makes her love for her sister clear as twenty-four hours. naming her a pet name ‘Oh Stella for Star! ’ and interrupting out of her unusual behavior. Suddenly from non speaking much. she turns to speaking excessively much which Williams uses to exemplify that Blanche is used to being overbearing around her sister.

Blanches amour propre is a topic that Williams touches upon by Blanches fishing for regards form her sister. taking comfort in the sound of her sister’s assessment of her beauty. She likes to speak about herself in a positive visible radiation merely and likes to be subject of conversation every bit long as it is about her beauty which she thinks really extremely of. Blanche is used to being listened to and bask being the Centre of attending – this is shown through Blanche’s reaction to Stella acknowledging that she is merely rather around Blanche. ‘A good wont to acquire into…’ Blanche seems critical about Stella and size uping ‘You’ve put on some weight! ’ this is ill-mannered and can be seen as nervous talk but to the audience it appears as if Blanche likes to set her sister down on her expressions so as to experience better about her ain. Blanche is besides commanding of Stella ‘You hear me? I said stand up! ’ and this is declarative of her being obeyed her full life by retainers and amahs at Belle Reve. When Blanche tells Stella about the loss of Belle Reve. she instantly turns the incrimination on Stella. non believing about how it may impact Stella. This can be seen as a manner to do alibis for her behavior but besides makes it clear that Blanche blames Stella for the loss of Belle Reve ‘Where were you?

In bed with your – Polack! ’ Whilst Stella is in cryings at the loss of her place and choler at her sister. Blanche is excessively self absorbed to detect until Stella leaves to rinse her face: this shows the audience that Blanche is non every bit sensitive to her sisters feelings as Stella is about Blanches. When Blanche eventually meets Stanley. she is taken aback by his deficiency of concern for his married woman and his visual aspect but it is clear that she is uncomfortable around him. Other minor characters are introduced within the first scene such as Mitch ; one of Stanley’s closest friends who lives with his ill female parent. declarative mood of possibly his solitariness but who still goes out with his friends. Eunice is introduced as a really sort adult female who though she does non demo the same kindness to her hubby. concerns about him and craves his attending which is shown by her cheering at him approximately desiring to cognize where he was. She is thoughtful and helps Blanche happen her manner to Stella’s but takes discourtesy when she is practically dismissed. Another uneven thing about Eunice is that she talks freely to the Negro Woman as if they are good friends which suggest person who values personality over looks.

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