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9 September 2019

Who has never once felt “fatherless, a stranger with no hope?” Charlie Hall writes “Marvelous Light” to prove that everyone has felt lonely and deserted, but by giving your life up and being reborn in Christ will you never be lonely again. The first verse in this song begins with the word “I” which personalizes the song and invites all people to be “awakened” by Christ. The kindness Christ gives is what no other man could ever give; he died so that we could have life.

The prelude is very powerful because it proclaims that Christ has won the battle with Satan, and that sin and death no longer have any power over our lives. This stanza provides assurance by alluding to Jesus resurrecting from the grave. This reminds the readers that God is in control and holds the almighty power. Full of biblical allusions, the chorus reaffirms what each stanza is saying.

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John 8:12 and John 14:6 are both alluded to, to prove that what Hall has written is completely true. “Into marvelous light I’m running, out of darkness, out of shame” paints the picture of someone fleeing from their troubled life into Jesus’ strong embrace.

In the second verse, the reader discovers that Jesus “beckons deeply” for us to give up our lives and be reborn in Christ. Jesus will not only give you a second chance, he will rescue your sinful life from you. “My dead heart now is beating. My deepest stains now clean, your breath fills up my lungs. Now I’m free, now I’m free;” verse three declares that once you accept Jesus you will become alive with Christ in you. God sets you free from all your worst sins and gives you the opportunity to start anew. Why would you want to live your life alone, when God gives you the chance to live a glorious life with Him?

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