Analysis on Friday Night Lights

1 January 2017

Its funny when i can watch a movie and compare it to a piece of literature. When you can compare a movie to a book, it means they share the same philosophy. The only difference is the way one another is viewed. None the less, books and movies can still have a powerful meaning together. Teaching the world of friendship and love through heartfelt words and cinematic productions. Ralph W. Emerson wrote his own theories and opinions . Except, he put it in a book to be read years into the future. I have read the book myself and can only envision how it can be compared to hundreds of movies.

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Analysis on Friday Night Lights
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One that specifically comes to mind is the movie, Friday Night Lights. This movie shares many characteristics to Emerson himself. For example, the view of great expectations and the love a person shares with another. In this movie, everything has a purpose or reason behind it, but the road must be crossed in order to see those reasons. Friday Night Lights is a good example of showing how to be a friend, showing what love might intail, learning to experience life one step at a time and developing a good sense of moral character. Friendship, a word that is best learned through experience.

This movie does more than show friendship, it shows how important having friends actually is. Everybody has a friend, some have several, but in a football team, friendship is strong. These players are tested everyday with new challenges on the football field, also, in everyday life. Just like when a quarterback cant complete a pass or a student cant get a passing grade, when it matters the most. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, so this team knows to be there for one another in a tough time. In the same regard, friendship help teams work together. Becoming more than just students, but a whole unit.

Without this kind of experience, these players would not know what its like to play at a championship level. The Permian Panthers know what its like to compete at this level, because of one huge x-factor, the coach. This coach teaches the team that wins on the board and touchdowns in the end zone doesn’t bring happiness. People do, with their affection towards everybody surrounding them. These players are not only training to better their athletic talent, they are receiving a gift. The gift of wisdom, one of the best gifts of all. This goes way beyond the game of football.

Friendship is important outside of the football field. Everyone has problems and we all need someone to listen to them. When we are sad, mad or even confused. This is a critical point in many peoples life. When all they need is just a friend. Some one to sit down and give the reality of the situation. In this case, thats what friends are for. This pertains to Emerson in so many ways. He believes that with expressing our affection, our intellectual and active powers increase. This is a perfect example of a football team that needs to show friendship and trust to achieve the ultimate goal.

Caring about every person in the group and where they want to go. If every player were in touch with their personal side in unison, its almost as if a deadly force meets an immovable object. You can keep trying to break this team down, but it wont budge. What a coincidence how the same moral values that are in this movie, Emerson shared with his generation in the 1800’s. He thought the same as we do til this very day, over 200 years later. Giving the assumption Emerson was way ahead of his time. Sometimes it sounds girly to show love in a locker room.

So guys don’t like to use the word love. The reality is, love is what every one of these players share with each other. Yea, of coarse, it all comes in time if your on a football team. But if you show your true self, love will be there for everyone to share with you.. The coach of this football team realizes that when they get to the biggest game of them all, the championship game, that life is not about winning. Its about love for your teammates, love for the game and most importantly, family. This team needed to come to grips that football would not be there forever.

People will, the ones you will visit on the holidays, the friends you will call to hang out on the weekend, the mother and father that will always be there. The sooner they came to that realization, the better the team became. The love for the game goes beyond people. Its the passion that everyone strives to receive or earn in life. Some people just live for the game, and don’t see anything else but football. Think of when you wanted to be an astronaut, or a firefighter.

This is what its like for some football players. The unconditional Love they have for the game. Its almost like aving tunnel vision, a vision of greatness and a long wise journey. Theres also the pleasure of showing love for your teammates, a huge unity between brothers. Teammates give the strength to keep going. Even when the possible seems impossible, they find an impossible way to reach out and finish what they have started. To push forward even against all the odds. The guys you practice with everyday passing motivation through themselves to fight harder and win smarter. The love that will last forever is family. In this movie, family isn’t necessarily a great thing due to all kinds of distractions and misplaced emotions.

They all are poor and parents think some of there kids are failures. Some of these kids have decendents, when there father played for the same team they are playing for now. Living with expectations that they cant live up too. Some trying to earn a scholarship to get out of certain living situations. With the experiences these kids have gone through, these parents realize that they have the greatest potential . Seeing the love for there children, a love that will never go away. Family is what makes this happen. They show the good and they show the bad, but nobody will ever be there for more than your family.

Experience is a life lesson that comes with time, It cant just be taught. This is exactly what these boys learned when they lost is the championship game. They found out that day that winning isn’t everything . In fact, losing sometimes is the same as winning. The team realized that without losing, it would be impossible to win. Its a hard road to get to the top, but now those kids can say ” I experienced this in my life. ” This is what Emerson believed. That experience needs to be played out. You cant say you have learned anything without trying. .

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