Analysis the Stand of Apple Daily and Describe the Effect to Public Audience

10 October 2016

Apple Daily is a Hong-Kong-based tabloid-style newspaper founded in 1995 by Jimmy Lai Chee Ying and is published by its company, Next Media. Apple Daily provide local news, international news, finance, real estate, entertainment, celebrities, sports, horse network and supplements. The newspaper also provides real-time news. Nowadays, Apple daily is the best-selling newspaper in Hong Kong. “An apple a day” already becomes a habit in many Hong Kong’s reader mind.

Here, I will analysis the stance of this newspaper base on the content and the picture they use and describe the possible effect. Apple Daily is a newspaper which has their own stand in the content. Their position tends to support democracy and free will ideology. And their economic position in favor of free market doctrine. This two position is the framing of Apple Daily, reader can see it in their framing characteristics. First, in textual mechanisms way, the headline will use light color, bigger size and shaper text.

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Analysis the Stand of Apple Daily and Describe the Effect to Public Audience
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Not some as other newspaper, the writer of Apple Daily will use some rhyming sentences or metaphor for the headline. In the A1 news, kickers is the must, the function of the kickers is elaborate the headline. In visual mechanisms, there are some photographs under the headline, the function is attract the reader and enhance or support the topic. Take 2003/7/1 front page for an example, the tittle is “Let take to the streets, I will wait til you show up. ” And the kicker is “Procession. No Tung Chee Hwa anymore. Also, the logo is Tung Chee Hwa, but it vilify. Democracy topic always being the headline, writer always use negative words to describe the government, it show the stand of anti-government. Apple Daily News attaches great importance to the layout, images, text, vice, and often placed on the front page of a large number of pictures, large colloquial slogans, to take advantage of fashion publishing, art design pictures, brightly colored text to attract the reader’s attention and purchasing .

Reported in the market under pressure, so that other newspapers followed suit, this style is also known as the “Apple”, the newspaper founded more than a decade, “Apple of” still exist in the Hong Kong newspaper. Apple Daily being the function of mass media. In Macro level, newspaper has the warning function. For example, 2003/11/2 Apple Daily post the news about the crocodile -Pui Pui immediately, it remind the reader that Shan Pui River is danger as soon as possible. It also have the function of linkage, when reader see news using 3D characters, they will link to Apple daily Animation.

When reader see the content of the news using adjective words or has a tricky title, they may also link to Apple Daily. In fact, the function of transmission of value and entertainment is more powerful in Apple Daily. Take the news about mainland resident buy the milk powder be an example, they use “locust “ to describe mainland resident, so reader will use this negative word-“locust “ replace the term “ mainlander”. Apple Daily is focus on entertainment, they will select some interesting things to be a news, although it is not really important to us or not really can be a news.

For instance,2013/3/2 Apple Daily post a news about Hong Kong Golden forum in Local News page , talk about the culture of the forum and using the forum jargon . Take 2013/4 the news about Candy Cush to be an example, to analysis the news value which Apple Daily chooses to be head news. About the timeliness, it is a possible time to talk about this Candy Cush tend because Candy Crush Saga is popular on Facebook having more than 20 million likes on the application page.

It is also the most popular app on Facebook and the highest-grossing app in the Apple and Google app stores in 2013/4. It not have the value of prominence, consequence, Proximity and usefulness. But it matches the values of human interest because many Hong Kong’s smartphone user playing this game, they interest in this game. But the reporting practices of Apple Daily, such as the paparazzi and the text they use in the content, and authenticity, caused public controversy. How Apple Daily affect the value of the reader?

It can use perspective cultivation theory to explain. It will have delayed effects to the reader, “mainlander is locust”, “Hong Kong female only like money”, the term of “Princess Syndrome” is link to Hong Kong female. There are also have measuring media effect, Apple Daily can affect the reader in Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral way. Take the news of mainlander grab the milk powder to be an example. In cognitive way, Hong Kong resident will know that mainlander grab Hong Kong’s milk powder.

In affective way, Hong Kong resident will think that they are locust that grab other people things and being very rude, so resident feel angry and resentful. In behavioral level, resident will have procession and discriminate the mainlander. It is quite different with the conventional wisdom of the news media. “Apple Daily” description is a standard market-oriented publications. Although it also have the function of newspaper, it mislead the audience and give them a narrow angle of the news , it decrease their critical thinking and advocate violence, porn and vulgar culture.

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