Analytical Essay on the Story of Tom Brennan

1 January 2017

Does literature accurately reflect the experiences and concerns of modern youth? “The Story of Tom Brennan”, reflects modern youth, by relating to situations such as teenagers experiencing loss from accidents whilst one is drunk driving, it is an excellent book for young teenagers to read, they get to understand the authors view on how drunk driving accidents effect families and loved ones so very much. “Go Ask Alice” is also another fantastic book, written straight from the diary of a young girl that got caught in the drug scene, and unfortunately got caught up in the bad side of it all.

The stories we read may be based on real life, true stories, or complete fiction, but they all miss out such vital details to help teenagers be aware of what’s laying ahead of them. Literature of this century does not make teenagers aware of upcoming situations, many of which will be a struggle for them all, but they all need to know they are not alone, and that someone out there, no matter how far across the world has gone through the exact same thing they have, maybe just with different people.

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The Story of Tom Brennan” accurately covers the emotions that are experienced during the loss and injure of close friends during a drunk driving accident, and as a remorseful thing to say, there are hundreds of thousands of people that would be able to relate to this novel. No one prepares them for the worst 8+ years of their life to come. Sure there’s sex education so you know how everything works, and you get those talks about not to do drugs, drink or smoke, and half of the time everyone just ignores them, but what they really need to be aware of is how horrible life will be for them.

They’re going to be happy one day, then everything they’ve worked for will just be destroyed in front of them, they’ll cry for no reason, and they’ll think the world is against them. A teenagers life is always full of dramas, for example: heartbreaks, eating disorders, and the constant five-day a week hell many people know as high school, and unfortunately the literature that is produced today does not cover the vital points that teenagers need to know and understand in order to prepare hemselves with what lays ahead of them, saying this many teenage-directed novels do allow them to understand the pain, heartbreak, and loss that comes along with drink driving and drugs. In some what, todays literature somewhat reflects issues in modern society, just not in the way teenagers need it most in order for them to understand that everything really will be okay for them in the future, but what is covered is still very, very important.

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