Analyzing an Advertisement

8 August 2016

Cigarettes Ad In the Life and Style Magazine printed on March 3rd, 2014, there is an ad printed on the last page promoting Newport Cigarettes. The ad uses the pathos appeal because of the text that is printed on it, and the color of the ad. Newport cigarettes have been around for a long time which is why the ethos appeal is being used. The logos appeal is used by the small surgeon general warning that is printed on it. These are all compelling attention grabbers which make the reader believe that Newport cigarettes are luxurious.

The luxurious color gold and large bold printed text is part of the pathos appeal. The color gold signifies many things such as: purity, wealth, money, luxury, and riches. To the audience gold is something of higher standard and it is appealing. Newport cigarettes accurately use the color gold to draw people to their product. They want the reader to feel the luxury their cigarettes may provide.

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Since gold is rare and exclusive, the ad makes people feel like they are in a small cornered off group. People want to be a part of that group.

In huge bold white letters on the gold background are the words, “So Rich, So Smooth! ” This describes the reality of their product, and the lifestyle you’ll receive from their cigarettes. It is telling you these cigarettes are of the highest standard. They aren’t rough. They have an even and uninterrupted flow, and will satisfy you. Again, they are placing you in a specific group. Additionally, this ad uses the ethos appeal. Newport cigarettes have a reputation. They have been around for a long time. In fact, they have been around since 1957. They are America’s number one selling cigarette (Lorillard. com). The Newport brand accounted for approximately eighty-eight percent of sales revenue for the fiscal year ending December 31st, 2012 (“About Us”). A lot of people may use this brand of cigarette because their parents may have used it, and their grandparents. When people look at this ad they can believe what the ad is saying because of the longevity the company possesses. When a company has been around for a long time, they can be more persuasive rather than the company that has just come out; they’re more trustworthy and have a familiar face.

Finally, there is a small printed surgeon general’s warning on the ad. This warning says: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, and Low Birth Weight. This is the logos appeal being used. While the warning is printed on the ad, it is in small print, on the bottom of the page, in the corner. It doesn’t stand out or draw your attention to it. It is only printed on there because it has to be. Newport cigarettes do not want the warning to be the center of attention for the reader.

As a result of all the appeals this ad is using, Newport cigarettes successfully draws people to their product. The colors used, large printed text, small printed surgeon general warning, and the Newport brand itself are all things that make up this ad. This ad makes you believe these cigarettes are luxurious, and they stand out from all of the rest. Overall, this ad is trying to make it appear to the reader that you are above the rest if you choose their cigarette. You will be part of a special group. What the reader perceives from this ad, is what will make them want to buy these cigarettes or not buy them.

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