Analyzing Consumer Behavior Essay Sample

9 September 2017

There are three chief parts in this simulation that involve the contrary of the lag of the Stonewall’s Barbershop. Since the barbershop has been unfastened the demand for clients has changed but the services that are offered at the barbershop have non changed. The male training industry has increased by 25 per centum a twelvemonth. but the barbershop has non followed this tendency. With this growing on the industry there is a demand to do alterations to the barbershop that will maintain the barbershop on the same tendency. The company has decided that is clip to make research and do alterations that will maintain up with the turning tendencies in the male preparing industry. Phase I

In stage one of the simulation. we review the tendencies that were taking topographic point in the male preparing industry. By looking at the tendencies we are able to make up one’s mind what way the barbershop needed to be heading in. After making research of the demographics of the environing countries and the other watering place and salons that have been pulling the barbershops clients. it has been decided that the Barber watering place would be the best tantrum. Some of the demographics that were used to do this determination are the one-year income of the country. population size. age dislocation. instruction degrees. and the impact on the civilization. The research indicates that a big group of the work forces were interested in some of the expended services that are offered. This would let the barbershop to spread out to make new clients without out driving the old clients off. This will let them to turn a net income without losing any more clients. This will let the barbershop to maintain the older client and derive the younger coevals. Phase II

Analyzing Consumer Behavior Essay Sample Essay Example

In stage two of the simulation. we involved the enlargement of Stonewall’s from the environing community to the environing country. There are five possible country that are in reappraisal to find if they were appropriate tantrums for enlargement and two theoretical accounts of shops were considered for each market. The Lords Barber watering place would provide to an older. more upscale patronage and service would be about 20 per centum more than at Masters barber watering place. which would chiefly provide to younger. working professionals. Market research information was provided for analysis and include information relation to the population Numberss of males in each market. their ages. their income degrees and a few lifestyle elements and salon service penchants. After analysis of this information I was able to correctly choice three of the five markets for enlargement. Dutchess. Niagara. and Orange counties. For Dutchess and Orange counties the information suggested that the upscale Lords shops were the best option. whereas the Masters shops were a better tantrum for Niagara county. Phase III

In stage three. there are more challenges. such as the apprehension of the existent end of the assignment. Alternatively of recognizing I would be better off disregarding the new tendency among the BAM population. I understood the assignment to be seeking to pull this group and hence recommended schemes such as increasing tattoo services and discounting as a manner to pull this demographic when the appropriate determination would hold been to slightly disregard this group and concentrate more strongly on bettering services to bing clients through the usage of trueness plans. fillip bundles. educational plans. and endow card plans. Analysis

This simulation proved to be a utile tool in assisting increase the apprehension of utilizing demographic and psychographic information of mark consumers in determination devising. In add-on to analyzing the demographics of the males in these markets. there are a few extra external or macro factors that might besides hold proved utile such as holding a better apprehension of the psychographic elements that drive different coevalss of Americans. occupational influences. and societal stratification. Generational cohorts frequently portion similar beliefs. attitudes. and behaviours due to their similar or shared experiences and life histories. “Cohort analysis is the procedure of depicting and explicating the attitudes. values. and behaviours of an age group every bit good as foretelling its hereafter attitudes. values. and behaviors” ( Hawkins. Mothersbaugh. & A ; Best. 2007. p. 123 ) . In add-on. societal and cultural factors could hold enhanced the apprehension of the mark audience and helped to further understand the desires of the clients relative to their current or existent self-image and their ideal self-image. Selling stuffs could hold been created to assist sell the ideal image to prospective clients.

One component of this simulation that was an of import acquisition is the ability to find if the best avenue is to maintain bing clients happy or look to aim potentially new clients. While these two ends may non be reciprocally sole. in some state of affairss such as in aiming the BAM section. the two aims were surely at odds with one another. Rather than hazard losing a good patronage. sometimes it is better to concentrate on guaranting those clients are rewarded for their trueness instead than looking to pull new clients. Plans such as trueness plans. discounting. nine wagess plans. and added value plans such as particular events and gifts can travel a long manner in allowing an bing client know they are appreciated. Such plans are frequently met with increased trueness. Harmonizing to Andrea Kalli Business Services ( n. d. ) . “companies have to pass 20 times more to pull new client than retaining their old customers” ( Why Your Business can’t pull New Customers. parity. 4 ) . For this ground. concerns should ever retrieve that turn toing the concerns of old clients should stay a cardinal precedence even when looking to pull new clients. Decision

This simulation was an effectual tool in assisting to develop an apprehension of all of the demographic and psychographic informations that concerns can reexamine and analyse in an attempt to do informed determinations and to better understand their clients in order to make merchandises and services to better run into their demands.


Andrea Kalli Business Services. ( n. d. ) . Online Business Services.

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