Analyzing Terwilliger Bunts One

3 March 2017

Dillard then goes on to explain how her mother likes to joke with people and prank people. Sometimes, Dillard wouldn? t even understand the jokes, “It took me years to determine where the joke lay” (152). Dillard seems to admire her mother? s way of playing with the world and keeping things lighthearted, such as when her mother tricks the crawling toddler Molly with a drawstring gown, and as they got older, her mother? way with playing the wrong number on the phone and the pranks she pulled on people at the beach. Displaying creativeness and excelling at bridge, Dillard? s mother seemed to amaze Dillard and her family. Dillard explains her mother? s intellect with gaming and also her judgmental nature when analyzing the products and advertisements of different companies, “The spirit of American enterprise never faded in Mother… she would have fired up a new factory every week” (154).

Dillard goes on to explain with allusions in her writing, how her mother acted when a company was not excelling, “She was Samson in chains” (154).

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As the story progresses, Dillard? s mother is shown in a more serious light, as she challenged her daughter with every statement she makes, “ „Giant is a good movie? …? Oh, really?? ” (155). Dillard? s mother asserted her independence with her opinions and Dillard seemed to admire that quality, “She would take on anybody on any issue” (156). Dillard uses many writing techniques to convey her mother? qualities and the admiration toward those qualities. Allusions, metaphors, similes and many more writing techniques are implemented. “…as a songbird selflessly attacks a big hawk” (156). In the conclusion of the story, Dillard successfully conveys her mother? s ultimate goal with one last anecdote about how her mother challenges her regarding her opinions about Eisenhower winning. Dillard seems to mature in her attitude as she writes in a tone of realization of her mother? s actions, “She simply tried to keep us all awake” (156).

The story is ultimately made up of many anecdotes that show her mother? s different admirable qualities, including her independence and her headstrong attitude. Dillard seems to absorb her mother? s qualities and writes with passion about her mother? s ways. In the end, Dillard understands her mother? s actions in concluding with stating that her mother wanted all of them to be able to stand up for themselves, “We were expected to take, and would be each separately capable of taking, a stand”.

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