Analyzing Writing

4 April 2015
This essay analyzes the works of Mark Twain, Henry James and Stephen Crane and how they reflect distinctive aspects of their time period.

This paper examines Realism and Naturalism movement and how Mark Twain, Henry James and Stephen Crane captured the spirit of their times. The author discusses how writers sought to preserve a distinct way of life threatened by industrialization, immigration, the after effects of the Civil War, and the changes in society. The paper focuses on three books, The Adventure’s of Huckleberry Finn, Daisy Miller, and The Open Boat.
From the Paper:

Writing periods have certain characteristics that mark them as unique. Local Color, Realism, and Naturalism are no exception, but they also have one thing in common. Just as a facet of a jewel reflects whatever light it may receive, so too do the works of Mark Twain, Henry James, and Stephen Crane reflect a distinctive aspect of their time period.

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