1 January 2018

This study guide is to help you be aware of the information you’ll need to know to earn an A* on the Unit Exam for my class. I have also noted the related objectives that may be tested on during the Cambridge Exam at the end of the year. Cambridge Themes and Key Questions Addressed: Theme 1: Government and the People 1754-2000 Key Question 1: How did Americans develop the U.

S. Political system during the period from 1754 to 1865? Why did relations between the British and the colonists deteriorate before 1776?How was the Constitution created? The writings of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Tom Paine The Revolutionary War: political and military leadership, military events, and their consequences 1775-83 Theme 2: Who Are Americans? Key Question 1: How far did the economic, social, and political status of Native Americans change from 1754 to 2000? Theme 4: America and the World 1754-2010 Key Question 1: How were the borders of the nation defined by 1853? How important was the role of France in shaping the borders of U. S. A.? To what extent were war and diplomacy with Brittany important in defining U.S. Borders? VOCABULARY: Duties/Tariffs Import Export Revenue Martyr Tyrant/Tyranny Autocratic Militia Direct Tax Indirect Tax Loyalists Patriots Aristocracy Monarchy (and hereditary monarchy) Effigy Boycott Tar & Feathering Mercantilism: forerunner to imperialism; colonies help a mother country become self-sufficient and wealthy; idea that no great nation can exist without colonies; economic nationalism; limit imports from other countries but encourage exports to other countries.

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