Ancient civilizations

6 June 2016

Ancient China was a country that was impacted by its geographic features. Ancient China was a very large country. China’s physical features were very greatly impacted by the contact of other cultures. Some of ancient China’s physical features that prevented them from having contact with other cultures were its large mountains and deserts. This had a good and a bad side to it. The good side was that China was well protected from intruders. However, the bad side to this was that it was it more difficult for China to have contact with other cultures. (Document 2).

This also led to China becoming very ethnocentric. Yu was a very important figure in ancient China. Ancient China was in need for water since it was surrounded by deserts and mountains. The solution Yu had to this problem was that he opened passages for the streams throughout the provinces and deepened the existing channels and canals as well as directing them to the streams (Document 4).

Ancient civilizations Essay Example

Mesopotamia was also a civilization that was impacted by its geographic features. The Fertile Crescent was a main part of the Mesopotamian society. It helped with the development of the Mesopotamian society because the crops farmed in the Fertile Crescent could be traded with other countries for goods that the Mesopotamians could not provide for themselves. The Fertile Crescent was the reason that civilizations arose in Mesopotamia. This occurred because it opened up more transportation options and it also improved trading. (Document 5).

Ancient Egypt was a third example of a civilization that was affected by their geographic features. Ancient Egypt had periods of time called the “Old Stone Age, the Middle Stone Age, and the New Stone Age.” These time periods were when civilizations first started to rise. People learned how to make different tools and weapons for everyday use. For example, in the Stone Age, animals affected many people and how they lived. One way in which animals affected the way people lived in the Stone Age was that they would use animal skins and furs for clothing.

This also helped to keep the people warm. (Document 1). Another example that shows how Egypt was greatly affected by its geographic features is that the Nile River was a very important part in the Ancient Egyptian civilization. It played a big part in the development of Egypt because when the Nile flooded all of the crops and gardens would get fertilized and this would help bring food to the people of Egypt. This then helped the Egyptians become great merchants because they would sell those crops for profit in a relatively short time. The Nile River was a major part in helping Ancient Egypt become powerful at trading, farming, and transportation. (Document 6).

Therefore, the development of early civilizations was greatly affected by their geographic features. To this day we still use some achievements that these ancient cultures invented. Geographic features play a very important role in civilizations.

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