And The Winner Is?..

4 April 2015
This paper discusses a mother and her daughter’s opinions with regards to the fertility business.

The following paper is a personal essay about a conversation that a mother had with her daughter with regards to where she came from. The daughter discovers that her mom was injected with another man’s eggs. The conversation that took place between mother and daughter is recorded in this essay.

From the paper:

” “Babies often come from the love that a mommy and daddy share together,” I began, but sometimes even the greatest love in the world is not enough for some people. Your father and I were like that. We wanted to have a baby but we couldn’t do it on our own. Things just weren’t working out so we decided to look for someone who could help us.? I then went on to explain the process that we took to ensure that we would have a
beautiful and intelligent, blue-eyed girl. I casually mentioned that even before she was born she was a very sought after commodity”

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