Andrew Jackson as President

9 September 2016

Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. From South Carolina, he was a bold man, fighting in the U. S Revolutionary War at age 12. His ambition later led him to politics, where he eventually became the president of the United States. As president, Jackson did many controversial things, but was admired by many of the common citizens of the country. While his morals are questionable, overall Jackson was an effective president, and benefited the country with his ideas of the Union and his expansion of democracy.

One reason Jackson was an effective president is because he had the support of the people. When Andrew Jackson lost the election in 1824 he was furious. Jackson had won the popular vote, but Congress had decided John Quincy Adams would be president. After this election Jackson went on the first campaign in the history of the presidency. He travelled around the states and appealed to the common man. Jackson quickly became very popular. He was so popular that when he was elected, a riot broke out at his inauguration.

Andrew Jackson as President Essay Example

The way that Jackson appealed to the common man was that he expanded the idea of democracy. Previously, the rich, white and educated were the only people voting in the United States. Power was held by a select few. Jackson expanded this system, calling on every white citizen to vote, from the rich and educated to poor farmers. Jacksonian democracy took power away from a select few and distributed it to the whole white population. It is a step towards the countries modern system, where the ability to vote is given to every citizen.

While a supporter of states’ rights, Jackson is known for his loyalty to the union. He did not support the idea of states’ rights to nullification, even while he was a slave owner and would benefit from the law. At a dinner party, Jackson announced his views on the union, surprising everyone present by toasting it and stating that it must be preserved. When South Carolina announced it was prepared to break away from the union, Jackson wrote to it’s people and calmed them, averting war.

Much of what Jackson wrote on the union was used thirty years later by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war. His opinion about the union helped keep the country together, even after he was out of office. While Andrew Jackson had questionable morals at times, his contribution to the country through his expansion of democracy and his opinion on the union makes him an effective president. The rich white members of congress thought he was unfit for the job, but he had the support of the people.

Because had to make a name for himself instead of being born into a political family, he understood and grew popular with the common people. He also must be credited with protecting the union, as his words helped bring peace to the nation in two important situations. Andrew Jackson was the first president of his kind. He made radical decisions in the way the country was run during his terms in office. While many of these contribute poorly to his reputation, he helped the United States grow as a nation.

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