Andrew Jackson: Indian Removal Policy Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal policy was a awful act. In 1830 Andrew Jackson passed a jurisprudence that would alter Native American lives everlastingly. This act was the worst act taking the people that had been here manner much longer than the English colonists. Andrew Jackson’s Indian remotion policy was informed by his belief in patriotism and states’ rights ; the policy led to corruptness and the close devastation of Native Americans. Andrew Jackson had a strong belief in patriotism and states’ rights. Jackson believed that the United States should be unified to one. Andrew Jackson quoted that” the. unfavorable judgment is unjust if it distorts the function he really played”pg ( 3 ) . This means that the Indians that are criticized is unfairness for the 1s that really were involved. The Indian remotion policy broke many promises to the Native Americans. The Indians were told that they did non hold to go forth and head south till subsequently on when they were really forced by menace that if they were to remain they would be killed or they had to seek to alter their ways to what they the settlers’ considered a common adult male which would ne’er go on and finally most tribes left. Jackson himself had tried to deter corruptness among the authorities agents chosen to set up the remotion. but the events as they really transpired ran wholly opposite to what he expected and promised.

Jackson’s policy about destroyed many Native American lives they lost everything like in the route of cryings. The president had said that the Indians were right and could remain but Jackson said U could remain but u will be killed and that ruined many lives it ruined their civilization. Language and imposts. Jackson quoted that if the Indians stayed they would “disappear and be forgotten. ” Pg ( 5 ) . This means that if they stayed they would hold all been killed. Native Americans were forced to travel out by the policy of the Indian remotion act. Jackson’s policy had led to the patriotism and states the corruptness along with the close devastation of the Native Americans. First a new jurisprudence was established that no longer Native Americans could be in American lands and were to be removed. Second the promises that the U. S. A. had made to the Native Americans were all broken and were treated unjust. Third they the Americans had cost the close devastation of Indians. This event that occurred was a awful act of unkindness. Today we live our lives as is because what if we did non take the Native Americans it would be awfully different and I am grateful for how the U. S. A. is today.

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