Android Research Paper

1 January 2017

Android has numerous developers writing applications (apps) all over the world. First of all the developers write their script in Java, and then download the apps from the third party sites or online stores. In February 2012, 450,000 apps were available for Android but the estimated number of downloads since December, 2011 was more than 10 billion. There are over 300 million Androids in use and over 850,000 devices activated every day. In August 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. Prototypes were being shown to network operators and cell phone manufacturers.

The goal of Android was to create a successful real-world product that improves the mobile experience for end users. Each Android version is named after a dessert; I. 2. 3 Gingerbread – This improved gaming performance, soft keyboard and copy/paste features. ANDROID II. 3. 0 Honeycomb – supported larger screen and tablet oriented. III. 3. 1 Honeycomb – USB host mode information to cameras and other devices. IV. 3. 2 Honeycomb – optimization for a wider range of screen sizes and zoom to fill screens.

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V. 4. Ice Cream Sandwich- This version had new features added to the smartphones such as photo enhancements, offline email searching , facial recognition unlock, network data, and usage monitoring . Market Share As of October, 2011 Apple is starting to take the lead in the smartphone market, 37% of the smartphone buyers chose the iPhone. Android is still on top but its numbers are starting to shrink. The reason Android is still on top is because it has an excess of equipment manufacturers that make new devices every week. Finally, Apple finally has figured out that they should be adding new devices also.

At first iPhone was only available from AT&T since March 2011, but when the iPhone came to Verizon, the only reason Verizon sales did not go through the roof was because they have expensive contracts and high early termination fees. In 2012, Android and iOS application revenues are considered to be six billions dollars. Smartphones such as the iPhone 4S and the new Android devices continue to make their way into more and more customer’s hands. An Apple iOS has sold over 315 million devices, but Android technically still outsells Apple.

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