Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din

1 January 2017

Beyond what feels good, back to what is good In a relationship doing foolishness is all part of the game that everyone plays. I have known many teenagers at my age even younger than me thinks that having a relationship or so called boyfriend/girlfriend makes them proud for themselves. Not knowing you violated God’s order because of your thinking, your values and you desire to others. Even we grew up in a Christian way may still not be enough to be good as what God wants you to be.

You still need a lot of learnings but it is important to start changes to your lifestyle and attitude toward others. We should forget old way of living. We should not live for ourselves, we should live for God and for the good of others. You should treat a person what is in his or her best interest. To care for others when there’s nothing to expect in return.

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Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din
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To show love to a person with purity and holiness because it pleases God and it is important that our love for others be shaped by God’s love for us . Do not love a person as you wanted instead of what God’s wanted.

You will find true peace and joy if you change your attitude towards the goodness and you will find that God has something better in store for you. Asking for forgiveness is the best thing you can do because God is so forgiving. As what God’s amazing love for us at the cross, our sins have been forgiven. Remember these… At the end of out lives, we would not answer to everyone… We’ll answer to GOD. Chapter 2: The Joy of Intimacy is the Reward of Commitment Joshua Harris stated that the fundamental problem with relationships today is that we’ve disconnected romance and Commitment.

It’s true that sometimes we’re starting what we can’t finish, we’re pursuing romance while not ready for commitment. Some people specially teenagers are dating because they want to enjoy the company of others. But in most cases they want to experience the emotional and physical benefits of intimacy without the responsibility of real commitment. We wished for the pleasure of love without obligations, without sacrifice, without vows. Yes, I know it happened most of the time because we give importance for the satisfaction that we will get, the happiness we will feel.

The Bible teaches about true love – Instead of being selfless, you become selfish; instead of being patient, you become impatient instead of looking out for the good of the person, it’s focused on the needs of the moment. As they say in the Golden Rule in romance – it’s deciding to do what‘s best for others by never asking for intimacy that you’re not able to match with commitment. Do not go in a relationship if you are not sure that you are ready to face everything and give your full commitment not only to him/her but especially to God. Everything has a proper time… in God’s time.

But for now while you are not ready to have an intimate relationship seriously you can build a commitment thru friendship as brothers and sisters in Christ. They say that the best relationships are between two people who care more about each others good than their own pleasure. Remember these… You have to be careful on what you wish for sometimes it comes with a price and at the end of the day you are still hungry for something real, something true. True joy is found in God’s brand of love – love founded on faithfulness, love rooted in Commitment.

Chapter 3: Recognizing Dating’s Negative Tendencies Good intentions sometimes aren’t enough to build a friendship specially by means of dating. Dating has the tendency to move a guy or girl beyond friendship and toward romance too quickly because you’re both out of control. Dating is not necessarily wrong – it’s our own wrong attitudes and values. Many dating relationships mistake physical attraction and sexual intimacy for true love. God demands purity and holiness for everyone. What happened to our life today, we’ll carry the memories of our past and have a big part to our future.

God doesn’t want us to live in guilt and regret in life. Yes, we cannot live in the future but there’s a lot of things you need you need to do for tomorrows responsibilities. God gives us the abilities and skills to do better but sometimes instead of serving God, instead of educating themselves to be a better person and to equip themselves to succeed in life, many allow themselves to be consumed by the present need that dating emphasizes. God gives us singleness to give a chance and opportunities for growth, learning and service instead of finding and keeping boyfriends and girlfriends.

Dating encourages people of wrong use of freedom. But we don’t find the real beauty of life in getting romance with as many as different people as we want. We find the real beauty in using our freedom to serve God with all our heart. Remember these… Just because both people like each other doesn’t mean hearts have joined. And just because both person has intimate relationship doesn’t mean two people are right for each other. A physical relationship doesn’t equal the true meaning of love. Set your values and start to live life doing the right thing.

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