Angels in the Muslim story

6 June 2016

How important is it for the angels in the Muslim story to submit to God because “God knows” what he is doing? Submission is an important part of the Muslim story, all must at one point submit to God, Angels are guardians of humans but they also have choice to follow God if wanted as shown with Iblis. With not submitting to God you basically choose a Life without him and are force to go your own path, which without God is a place of Hell or all things that are not God. Does it make sense that Iblis (an angelic being/Jinn) refused to submit to a man, even though God asked him to do it? I am not asking whether you agree with Iblis’ actions. I am specifically asking you to think about how the submissive posture of the angels before and after the creation of man may have influenced the character. I am asking you to think about the answers that Iblis gave for his actions.

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Discuss why his reasons might be illogical or why he might be justified in his refusal to submit to mankind. It does not make sense the Iblis refused a direct order from God himself if he is God then he knows what’s best for everyone in his ultimate plan so to refuse God is to refuse his plan.

Though he did not know what the consequences would be his choice gave him eternal damnation. Discuss some differences between the Muslim story and the Biblical story. one of the biggest differences is that Christians believe Jesus to not only be a prophet but also the messiah(or God in human form) Emanuel = God on earth and that he died to save us from our sins Muslims believe that Jesus is only a prophet and Muhammad is the main prophet who speaks to God.

The two religions have similarities but are in fact very different because Christians believe that u must believe Jesus to be the son of God and that he died for our sins so we could come into the kingdom of heaven and Christians find this proof in the new testaments and references to this in the old however Muslims go by the Koran.

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