Angola Essay Research Paper I feel that

9 September 2017

Angola Essay, Research Paper

I feel that Angola prison system is a really effectual rectification system. The picture demonstrated how the system has different apparatuss to maintain the captives working to maintain them out of problem. Although Angola is a unsmooth maximum-security system, it seems to hold great control over the inmates.

The ambiance of Angola is unsmooth, but has great control over the inmates, which keeps it safe in its ain unusual manner. By maintaining all the inmates working with different occupations, they have less force. By giving the inmates occupations, they hold a certain duty so they stay out of problem to maintain these occupations. This is proven in one manner because the captives are out in Fieldss with crisp objects, which could take to force and even flight. Since the prisons hold the duties they do at that place occupation and remain out of problem. I do non believe they could get away because the milieus are rough so they could non acquire out.

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Inside the prison IM sure it is the same as other prisons with packs and force, but the difference is the working at that place.

Another thing that helps Angola is the prison rodeos they hold. This is why captive

s one clip out of the twelvemonth hold a rodeo. They are suited up and sit the bulls and wild Equus caballuss for merriment and for a show for the populace. Merely the inmates with good records are allowed to make this, so to maintain this privilege the captives keep good behavior. This is another duty left on the captives merely like the occupations. These are a few grounds I feel Angola ambiance is great for a maximal security prisons. If more prisons would utilize this apparatus of occupations and privileges, they could take down their force.

If I had the opportunity to alter something in Angola, I do non believe I would alter anything. It seems to be setup and ran good the manner it is. Although there is still some force, drugs, and colza inside the walls, that can non be changed because that is merely portion of a prison system. The alleged? Duty system? at Angola is ran good and I do non thing it needs to be alterations.

These are some grounds I feel Angola? s prison system is effectual and do non necessitate to be changed. The ambiance of Angola although it is really tough it is really unagitated for a maximum-security prison and more prisons should utilize the set up for a background to establish theirs off of.

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