Animal by Ke$ha

11 November 2019

Ke$ha who is known from the hot single “Right Round” with Flo Rida. The song was huge, now Ke$ha has released her debute album Animal. Her debute single “TiK ToK” has broken many records and is the #1 song in the country. People might think since the song was so huge that the Ke$ha might be a one hit wonder, but I have listened to this album and lets just say, there will be no one hit wonder here. The album starts off with a great song named “Your Love Is My Drug” and the lyrics and beat is very fun and I can actually see this song hit the radio charts.
“TiK ToK” follows and the song is a song that you can just dance to. “Take It Off” which is the third track on the album is very techno and a great dance song. A song that will defintly or should be played in dance clubs. The song is great, makes you want to get on top of a table and dance to it.
“Kiss N Tell” is almost a funny song about a girl who finds out that her boyfriend cheats on her and she hears dirty stories from his friends. Very girly song for all the girls out there who have to deal with a boy who has Kiss N Telled about his affairs.
“Stephen” is a song that can relate to most girls who sit by a phone and wait for the boy that they “think” they love so he will call.
“Blah Blah Blah” feat. 3Oh!3 which is the second single released from the album and has hit radio charts is a great song about guys who talk nothing but some Blah Blah Blah. The song has great beat and very awesome lyrics and this song has great potential.
“Hung Over” is an okay song the beat is great but very slow song almost. It’s just an okay song but some people might enjoy a song that is slow like this one.
“Party At A Rich Dudes House” is an awesome rock song almost. Very funny lyrics and its a great rock song almost.
“Backstabber” I absolutley love this song. This song can really be a single. It’s about a girl who is dealing with her friend that is telling lies about her and she is being a backstabber. The lyrics is something you can sing along with.
“Blind” now this is a slow song but its a very good song also. The lyrics mean a lot and its a very sad one that has great meaning.
“Boots and Boys” is a very cute song for girls that love boots but also boys.
“Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” is a very sad song about a girl who just got dumped. Something you can possibly relate to.
“Dinosaur” is a very awesome song that makes you learn how to spell “Dinosaur” and also old man. It’s a song that most girls can relate to about an old man hitting on you. Very cute song that has a great beat.
“Animal” is a song that is slow but has a very upbeat chorus. It’s an okay song but the chorus is something you can sway to.
The album Animal is a very good album that anyone can have. It’s not all dance music, it has music that is slow and has music that you can dance to. This album has some future hit songs on it.

Recomanded songs:
Your Love Is My Drug
Take It Off
Blah Blah Blah
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

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