Animal Farm

A character analysis of “Snowball” and “Napoleon” in the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

The characters of Snowball and Napoleon are the primary focus of the character analysis, and this analysis involves a comparison of the animal characters of Napoleon and Snowball with that of Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky, two famous Russian leaders during the post- World War I years. The novel is based on real-life events in the Russian society under Stalin’s rule and includes the struggle of the proletarians (working class) against the ruling class (Farmer Jones and all humans). This paper analyzes the novel’s character and plot in reference to the historiography of the Russian Revolution up to Stalin’s rule in Russia.
George Orwell’s satiric novel, The Animal Farm, revolves around the issue of subordination of the animal working class to the ruling class in the Animal Farm society. The story started with Old Major’s speech on the animal’s rights to have their own property and possessions, most especially the farm that they till and the crops and goods that they produce and harvest.

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Following after this speech, a revolt occurred among the animals against the farm owner, leading to their triumph as the new owners of Manor Farm, which they aptly changed later to Animal Farm. After Old Major’s death, the issue of Animal Farm leadership cropped up, and Napoleon and Snowball took it upon themselves to assume the position as new Animal Farm leaders, since pigs are treated as the most intelligent animals in their farm. Napoleon and Snowball began arguing over policies and ideas for the animal farm, and in these conflicts, certain atrocities done to the animal members of the farm began happening, although most of the animals disregarded or ignored those inequalities, all for the sake of having Animal Farm, and for Farmer Jones (the owner of Manor Farm) not to return to the farm again. What follows next in the novel are parallelisms of the life of the working class and ruling class in a society, and how these stratification in the animal society was resolved or ended.

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