Animal Imagery in Macbeth

4 April 2015
A poet describes the role animals play in this famous Shakespearean drama.

This paper is a look at how various animal images in the play “Macbeth” such as the owl, serpent, falcon, raven, rhinoceros, etc. contribute to the powerful impression the Bard leaves on his audiences. The author uses quotes from the play to back-up the explanations.
” In William Shakespeare’s play MacBeth, Shakespeare uses imagery to help convey the words his characters speak in their dialogs. Throughout this play, animals are used to describe situations for characters. These characters include Lady MacBeth, MacBeth, Lady MacDuff, Ross, and an old man speaking with Ross. Animal imagery is used to illustrate evil, deceit and fearlessness made by characters who are indeed fearful, and paranoid with unnatural events occurring throughout the course of the play.”
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