Animals in Human Attire

7 July 2019

On Wednesday October 21st, Animals in Human Attire, an experimental indie-folk band from Oconomowoc, played a free concert at the Cornerstone Church in Oconomowoc.
They played about a half of an hour but did a great job keeping the audience entertained the entire show. From their interesting drum set up, to their use of a violin, and even a one second love song written on the spot, this 3 piece band was band was anything but ordinary.
Their energetic and border line crazy stage presents really redefines the meaning of the word, β€œshow.”
Jack Tell, the vocalist, the guitarist, and the song writer, explains their unique style as, β€œThe fact that we use only what we can get our hands on and trying new ways of playing our instruments has helped out a lot.”
If you want to get out and support local bands while having a lot of fun, an Animals in Human Attire show would be a great place to go.

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For more information on the band including music, upcoming concerts, and more, you can visit them on their MySpace at

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