Ann Petry’s The Street

4 April 2015
An analysis of the novel The Street by Ann Petry’s: in the African-American naturalistic tradition.

This paper examines the Ann Petry novel `The Street.` It describes the story of the female African-American heroine’s life as a single mother in Harlem. The paper demonstrates Petry’s use of her main character to explore the limitation of the American capitalist system, when issues of gender and race are concern. The author writes that the novel is a tragic reality of the sufferings of African-American people in one of the most prosperous capitalist societies of the world. The paper describes how the novel is American naturalistic tradition through the depiction of real life on the streets of Harlem.
`Ann Petry’s The Street is a story about Lutie Johnson, an intelligent, strong, and beautiful black woman who does her best to raise an eight-year-old son as a single parent, advance in her job, and work her way out of the Harlem streets.

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Petry uses Lutie Johnson as a medium to explore the limitations of the American capitalist system; the role of race and gender in perpetuating violence, poverty and failure; and the societal restrictions that restrict and oppress the female gender, especially black women. `

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