Anne Frank and Peter Vann Daan

3 March 2019

Everything started when Nazi’s took over in Amsterdam and taking the Jewish away. The Frank’s and the Van Daan’s were in great danger at the time. In the Frank family there is Mr. Frank, Mrs. Frank, Margot, and Anne. In the Van Daan family there is Mr. Van Daan, Mrs. Van Daan, Peter and Peter’s cat named Mouschi. Today we will talk about Anne Frank and Peter Van Daan and how they are different and alike from each other. Mainly they have different personalities and interests but in some ways they can also be alike.

On this paragraph I will talk about how Anne Frank and Peter Van Daan have things in common or similar to each other . One very important similarity that they both have and share is being Jewish and that they both hide in the Secret Annex. Even though they did not get along well in the beginning they still had to live together for two long years. Another similarity that Anne and Peter share is that they get so annoyed and embarrassed of their mother’s. Their mother’s argue mostly every time they sit at the dining table and the two kids are just fed up and sick of it happening over and over again. But when not sitting at the table, they care a lot to their families and respect them, especially during hard times. Finally, the last thing fact that I think they have in common would probably be they both have cats, but Anne did not get to bring it in the Secret Annex. These are the similarities between Anne Frank and Peter Van Daan form the story and play called, “Diary of Anne Frank. ”

Anne Frank and Peter Vann Daan Essay Example

They have many things in common but they can be absolutely opposite or different from each other. Starting with how their characteristics are different. Anne Frank can be the type of annoying little girl who will not stop bugging you about different kinds of questions and if you don‘t answer her she will just ask you over and over again. So if I were you I would just answer her the first time around instead of hearing the question over and over again. For example is scene three, act one in the play, Anne asks Mrs. Van Daan if she had several boy friends before she got married to Mr. Van Daan. She did not mind answering the question even though it could have been a very personal question to ask somebody who has already been married for how many years already. That is one difference between Anne Frank and Peter Vann Daan because, Peter does not like making conversations with people but Anne, you can probably say the opposite of that. Another difference between the two teenagers, Peter does not have much friends that he plays with at school or even at his neighborhood. So most of the time he will just play with his cat or by himself, so he we can probably call him a loner. Well Anne is not a loner at all because she has many friends in school and she likes making new friends everyday. For example in scene two, act one Anne talks to Peter about her best friend named Jopie and how she will wonder why there will not be any answer at her house when she calls.
These are three characteristics that Anne Frank and Peter Van Daan do not have in common.

Another difference between the two teenagers is their families. First of all, Anne has a sister she can talk to when she has any problems but Peter only has a cat to tell his problems to. Also Peter does not have anybody to argue with except his mother. Anne has Margot to argue with and to compare herself to. An example would be in scene three, act one Anne says, “ Margot! Margot! Margot! That’s all I hear from everyone…how wonderful Margot is… “Why aren’t you like Margot?” Anne gets so upset after that because she gets tired of being compared to her older sister who can be much more dignified than she could. The Van Daan family is they type of people who care so much for their valuables than anything else and that they do not care much about their behavior around other people. But this does not apply to Peter because he is always in his best behavior. I am very sure he did not get that from his mother because his mother is rude to Mrs. Frank all the time and they just asked to live with them for the time being, while the World War Two is going on and when the Nazi’s take over Amsterdam. In scene three, act one, when Mrs. Van Daan found out that Mr. Dussel came to move in with them in the Secret Annex she made all these remarks that did not even matter to the Frank’ s because they are trying to help other people. There are a lot more differences between the Frank’ s and the Van Daan’s but these are the most important ones to me of course.

I talked about how Anne Frank and peter Van Daan are similar and I also talk about they are different. As you can see there are more different than they are alike and I thought that was kind of weird. Even though at the end of the play, they both get along very well and they start to get to know each other a little bit more. I think they found out that they are similar in a lot of things that they did not even know. One way they could solve these problems are by bonding with one another more or talking about interesting things. If I had to choose a character that I would want to be I would be Peter but in a girl part. For only one very small but important reason. This character does not involves itself to things that does not even include him or her. But I like the character Anne too, but see the only problem is she talks too much and she can get on peoples’ nerves sometimes like she does to Mrs. Van Daan. Now I come to the end of my writing about how Anne Frank and Peter Van Daan are similar and different from each other like with their personalities, characteristics and their families.

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