Annotated Bibliography for Latin American Studies

This paper is an annotated bibliography based on the book “Americas”, by Peter Winn.

This paper is organized chapter by chapter from the book “Americas”, by Peter Winn. The author selected one reference from each chapter and presents a one-paragraph annotation. There are 15 references in this paper. The chapters from the book are:

A View from the South
Legacies of Empire
The Perils of Progress
A Second Independence?
Capital Sins
Continent on the Move
Children of the Sun.
A Question of Color
In Women’s Hands
The Power and the Glory
The Magical and the Real
Endangered States
Making Revolution
North of the Border
Epilogue: Latin America and the Caribbean at 2000
This is a comprehensive work on guerilla warfare and Columbia’s War on Drugs. It makes the point that there are two sides to every issue and that it can be beneficial to all to look at things from a different perspective.

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She draws upon interviews with guerilla leaders and personal experiences while in South America. Her work gives a different perspective than is commonly adopted in the United States. It helps you to see things from another perspective.

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