Annotated Bibliography on the quality and cost of healthcare

9 September 2016

This is definitely a useful source for my research project. This source is different from my other sources because it simply lays out the information. This article was not persuasive or bias in any way. The information in this article is reliable because its strictly facts. This source fits into my research. I didn’t know a lot of things I read about in my article which alone lets me know how helpful it will be in my paper. Annotated Bibliography 3 Collins, S. (2006, April 26). Gaps in health insurance: An all-American problem. Retrieved from http://www. ommonwealthfund. org/Publications/Fund-Reports/2006/Apr/Gaps-in-Health-Insurance–An-All-American-Problem. aspx This source focuses on the fact that low income family’s uninsured rates are decreasing while middle- income’s in increasing. The point of this article is to show how many gaps are in healthcare insurance. This is a very helpful source because it actually helped me determine which side I was on. This article isn’t bias it just focuses on the problem with healthcare. The information is reliable because it uses facts, dates and no opinions.

This source is different from my other sources because it got deeper into one specific issue with healthcare. This source fits my research better than any of my sources. It got straight to the issue. It shaped my argument be being so direct. I can and will use this source in my project while arguing my point the best. Annotated Bibliography 4 Foreman, L. (2009). Healthcare reform. (1 ed. , Vol. 1). New York: ABOD. Retrieved from http://www. ebook. com This source gave focuses on Americans rights to healthcare. I goes into details from the constitution. I feel this source is the foundation I needed.

It’s a basic understanding of healthcare and the right we have to it. This fits into my research perfectly. I will use this in the beginning of my paper. It shapes my argument by getting specific about what all Americans have the right to no matter the circumstances. Annotated Bibliography 5 Gill, K. (2007). The health care system in the U. S. Health Care Reform, 2(4), 1. doi: About. com This source explains the different types and cost ranges of healthcare. It gives a general outlook on what group of people usually has which type of health insurance. This source was very helpful.

Its different from my other sources because it focuses on types of health care instead of if people should have health insurance or not. The information in this source is reliable because it isn’t opinions its facts. This source isn’t bias. The goal of this source is to give people an understanding of how healthcare providers categorize things. This source very much fits my research. I feel people can not argue a side if they don’t completely understand it. This source helps my argument because it makes things clear. Annotated Bibliography 6 Krueger, A. (2013, March).

The third anniversary of the affordable care act. Retrieved from http://www. whitehouse. gov/blog/2013/03/26/third-anniversary-affordable-care-act This article argues that healthcare should not be free for everyone. The author believes that healthcare should be affordable for everyone regardless of their income. In this article there are statistics and opinions. I found this source very helpful. It is a useful because of its statistics. This source made things clear for me to understand because not only does it have ample information, it also has graphs. It uses opinions from both sides therefore it isn’t bias.

It specifies his goal and approaches. There really isn’t an argument in this article its more informative. This article is not bias. It simply explains and recites what Obama has promised to do. This is a useful source because it’s the most up to date source I have. I feel a research should have old and new information. I believe that this information is reliable. This source is helpful to me because not only does it help me understand healthcare as a whole but it specifies what’s going on in the world today. It helped shape my argument by giving me up to date facts.

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