Annotated Bibliography. Tourism Research – Wine Tourism in Champagne

9 September 2016

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research – Wine Tourism in Champagne. Charters, S & Menival, D 2011, ‘Wine Tourism in Champagne’, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 102-118, viewed, 6th May 2013, <http://jht. sagepub. com/content/35/1/102. full. pdf+html>. The author of this article’s goal is to emphasis the understanding about wine and tourism in Champagne. Both of the authors chose to concentrate this study mainly in the European region and collected the data by qualitative method and quantitative method.

The qualitative method is to identify the problem of marketing and management in the European wine region while the quantitative method is to identify the perspective of wine tourism towards the region. The author mainly focuses on the perspective tourists concerning the provision of wine tourism in Champagne. However, there are a few limitation regards on the process of collecting the data, the author’s uses questionnaire for collecting the data. Since the article was made in a small scale, focusing the consumers and tourist in the Champagne.

Annotated Bibliography. Tourism Research – Wine Tourism in Champagne Essay Example

The author describes that themes are developed through various ideas and organized around a particular hobby. He also revealed that many tourism researches have studied the built environment whilst studying the application of the theme’s concept in the tourism industry. This author has identified and analyzed a series of factors that contributed to the rise of themed cruises. This article also pin points that these factors are the fragmentation of markets, the rising importance of neo-tribal affiliations and also emphasis on theme cruises in listing that theme cruises is important in the growth of the tourism industry.

The only limitation or the weak point in this article is the author doesn’t identify the theme cruise and also not listing example of the theme cruise itself. All in all, this is in article which provides a good understanding of the creation and also on the marketing concept of the theme cruise.

The Author’s main aim of this article is to identify and analyze the selection criteria of the food production in the hospitality industry, which includes an in depth explanation of raw materials being used in the hospitality industry which includes the explanation of food turnover, the cost of spoilt goods and the effects of it towards the supplier.

The author conducted the research by reviewing suppliers, on ways the supplier conducts the food handling, before it reaches to the customer. The author also examines the variety of production and service methods in operation at any outlet. The author also examines the unique characteristic which determines the specification of the purchasing of goods in the hospitality industry. By conducting the survey, the author made an excellent conclusion on how the goods are supplied in the hospitality industry, the selection criteria and

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