Announce a New Product or Service”Letter Recipe Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor This letter recipe makes creating your own letters easy. With tips, steps and sample phrases and sentences for each step, you can boost your creativity Click for the sample letters. Helpful Tips Although this is an announcement, it also serves as a sales letter or newspaper advertisement. It provides the reader with useful information and promotes your product or service. See also “Write d news release. ” Writing Steps 1 .

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Introduce the product or service with an enthusiastic statement. Date of availability may be stated here. Example Sentences wrlteExpress software is eager to announce a new concept In word processing, something to help you compose letters, not just spell check them. It’s called “Writer at My Side,” and it’s now available for personal computers. The Doe BD Expansion Card Is the latest addltlon to a long list of computer Innovations. Bullt around the sophisticated 555 microprocessor, the Doe BD Card can double your computing power.

We are proud to announce that Doe’s Wallpaper and Paint has Just received xclusive rights to distribute Johnson Paints In the New England states. Doe Appliances is pleased to announce its new line of imported kitchen appliances. Known for its novel approaches to solving housekeeping problems, Doe appliances once again leads the competition with innovative French kitchenware. Mary Doe announces the opening of her massage therapy office in cooperation with Suzanne’s Beauty Salon. Fully accredited by the State of Kansas, Mary has been employed by the Springfield Hospital for twoyears.

She now opens her private practice. Example Phrases a new concept in a welcome innovation are pleased to let you know of our are now able to offer authorized dealer in awarded the exclusive distribution of be added to our wide range of eager to introduce expanding network of have expanded our in response to customer requests in cooperation with Is now expanding to is now available our new line of our services will now include proud to announce received exclusive rights to the latest addition to will be arriving inour stores on will be as pleased as we are will wonder how you ever did without our 2.

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If not already explained, state when the product or service will be available and highlight its major features. Example Sentences Designed to help you overcome writer’s block, “Writer at My Side”puts the expertise of a professional writer at your fingertips. Need to know how to present your ideas? It guides you step by step! Need example sentences for the type of letter you are writing? No problem! How about useful phrases or helpful words for that special letter? Piece of cake! This easy-to-use software is available now at most computer equipment outlets!

The Doe AB requires only a single expansion slot and 20 watts of additional power. It can be easily installed using ordinary tools. Independent tests have shown these paints to withstand the rough New England weather better than any other, lasting up to five years longer. The enclosed brochure contains the details and warranty information. The pots and pans are stainless steel, and the electrical appliances are completely redesigned to be multipurpose. Massage therapy has been shown to be a helpful treatment for persons suffering from numerous roblems, including stress, arthritis, and chronic fatigue.

Example Phrases 24-hour availability at your fingertips built around the sophisticated carries a five-year warranty combines power and speed cutting edge technology easily installed easy to install for the first time have been completely redesigned in one-fourth the time independent tests have shown just a phone call away known throughout the industry for make your life easier by new ergonomic design new dimension to service peace of mind quality and durability requires only specially designed to help you tate-of-the-art design the better to serve your needs to help you with all your using the latest technolog

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