Annual Catholic Appeal

The Annual Catholic Appeal helps families in the Archdiocese of St. Louis every year. By using donated money from the people of St. Louis, the ACA helps everyone out by using the money for various different needs. These include: schools, soup kitchens, families, the homeless, and everyone else in the community. Through the help from the community, the ACA was able to raise over thirteen million dollars, all from donated money. In fact, it was the largest pledge amount in the fifty-nine year history of the ACA.

With numbers like these, it raises an interesting question: how are people in my own community and throughout the Archdiocese impacted by the ACA? With more than thirteen million dollars, the ACA can help an abundance of families and communities The ACA gives out scholarships, hosts soup kitchens, and gives money to priests, who serve us. They offer marriage prep classes to help young couples stay true to God and make show them how to live a life full of faith, charity, and peace.

They help people with dieses, like HIV, so they can pay the medical bills or rent out an apartment, which they cannot afford without the help and thoughtfulness of the ACA. They help aspiring seminarians, who will soon be pastors in our own communities and grow to become leaders of faith and role models for all of us. There are a lot of things the ACA is doing for our communities, and you see them everyday. Whether it’s a struggling parish that can’t afford to stay open, or helping the homeless man that just walked down your street, the ACA helps everyone in need and refuses to say no to anyone.

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