Answers About Customer Interactions

10 October 2016

She thanked me for being patient with her and for being understanding. She also appreciated how quickly the matter was taken care of without added frustration. 2. Describe a time when you had to manage a customer’s situation based on a policy that you did not feel was fair. How did you handle this situation? At Bank of America, there is a policy pertaining to one the bank accounts stating that one can only deposit and withdraw money at the ATM. If he or she comes inside, they will be charged a $8. 5 fee. I had a customer who came into the bank expressing that she had lost her debit card and would not be able to use the ATM. At first, my manager was not going to waive the fee, I thought it was unfair because the lady clearly did not have her debit card. Policy exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Because the lady lost her debit card, she could comply with the policy. Therefore, I spoke with my manager to grant a policy exception and waive the fee for her.

In these types of situations, I try to uphold the policies and values of the company I work with, however, for this situation, a policy exception was needed. 3. Describe a time when you were too busy and could not get everything done for a customer. Explain the situation and steps taken. At the bank, people can bring bonds in to redeem. The limit is 10 bonds per customer, per day. I was working at the drive thru and it is my obligation to work with those customers first. However, if there is no one there, I can service someone at the front area of the bank.

A lady brought in three checks to cash and 10 bonds to redeem. I knew that this process would take much more time then I had available to give her. I decided to help the woman by cashing the checks for her in between greeting customer at the drive thru. Once I completed this process, I warmly transferred her to another teller who could provide her with the undivided attention that she needed to redeem her bonds. She had no problem working with someone else because I took the time to explain the situation.

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