Anthropology in Today’s World

4 April 2015
A study of the application of anthropology today.

This paper describes the relevance of anthropology in today’s world. The paper demonstrates that their discoveries and theories bear heavily on our understanding of our past and future, as illustrated by the recent discovery of Neanderthal violence also sheds light on man’s capacity for love and caring. The paper states that anthropology is defined as the science of the physical, cultural and social development of man, his evolution, behavior and geographic distribution from prehistoric times to the present.
Anthropology is sometimes viewed as a bit arcane as well, but even a quick glance at some of the aspects of anthropologists’ work indicates immediately that anthropology is more relevant today than ever. Indeed, anthropologists are one of the only groups of intellectuals who are able to draw together the hard sciences and social sciences and develop cohesive and encompassing theories of history, sociology and understanding.

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