Anti Gun Control

8 August 2016

Mia Parra Raybuck English 11 P. 3 11 September 2013 Anti Gun Control Due to recent mass shootings in the U. S. many Americans fear for their safety. Many Americans fear to go out to movie theaters, restaurants, and even their children’s schools. In the article “Will Sikh temple shooting spark U. S. conversation on gun control”, Peter Greier claims “Americans are deeply split about the prospect of new gun laws, and tragic events such as recent mass killings do not change voter opinions.

Gun control laws should be any more strict because it would be violating the Second Amendment and the right to bare arms to protect yourself against criminals. To begin with, taking away a citizens right to bare arms is a violation of the Second Amendment which clearly states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms, shall not be infringed.

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” The Second Amendment grants citizens the right to bare arms. No legislation should have the right to take away citizen’s fire arms. Gun control violates principals on which our nation was founded.

It is out right to own fire arms for protection. New gun control laws would be an intrusion on self defense. Taking away a citizens self defense will not lower crime rates. In many instances new gun laws would increase crime rates. A law was passed in Kenesaw, Georgia requiring citizens to own a fire arm. From there after statistics show the crime rate had astonishingly decreased in Kenesaw, Georgia. Secondly, in most instances the victims of mass shootings are uncontrollably vulnerable at the time shootings take place. The most vulnerable public domain unfortunately would have to be schools.

Various mass shootings have taken place at schools including Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook Elementary School. Many schools in the U. S. are not guarded well enough and are too easy to access. Many innocent people have been killed in the result of not being able to defend themselves in a time of need. For example a woman named Suzana Hupp happened to be an innocent bystander in a shooting. Being forced by law to leave her fire arm locked away in her car, she didn’t know this particular time would be the best situation to use it.

Her lunch would be interrupted by a criminal with a gun. She watched as he shot each victim one by one. Including her own parents. Had she possessed her gun in this instance these tragic deaths may not have occurred. However, not all guns should be aloud and open to the public. In most cases assault weapons are used in mass shootings. In California it is illegal to own any gun with with an AK/AK15. Assault weapons are unnecessary to defend yourself. Sometimes all it takes to defend yourself is just revealing your fire arm.

For example Appalachian School was being targeted by a shooter when a few brave students showed enough courage to run out to their cars and grab their fire arms. These students were lucky to prevent any deaths from happening. Furthermore, more gun laws would not stop a criminal from possessing a gun. Criminals already don’t obey the law. Background checks are an absolute must. Background checks should prevent a gun from getting in the wrong hands of the wrong person. Many criminals clan they like the gun control laws because it leaves the victim helpless and without a gun.

If every home had a gun, less criminals feel power over victims by possessing a gun. By everyone having a gun, it equalizes the un equal. In other words, these violent criminals who have the audacity to shoot large numbers of innocent people must be suffering from a physiological disorder. For these criminals to assume this amount of violence is acceptable are clearly mistaken. The problem with gun violence is greatly impacted by a child’s atmosphere. Moreover, adults need to educate the youth about the value of life and how to responsibly handle guns.

Teenagers say revenge is the strongest motivation for schools shootings. 87% said shootings are motivated by a desire to “get back at those who have hurt them” (Bureau of Justice 2001) 61% said students shoot others because they have been victims of physical abuse at home. (Bureau of Justice 2001) The most serious and chronic offenders often show signs of anti-social behavior as early as preschool years. (American an Psychiatric Association, 1994) These unacceptable behaviors are taught too early in a childs life and can lead to trauma later in life.

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