Anti-Immigrant Legislation

4 April 2015
Analyzes aims of and moral and legal flaws in the English Only movement (Texas and California) and California propositions 187 and 209.

The English Only movement, negative mass attitudes against immigration, bilingual programs in the public schools, welfare reform excluding immigrants, and, most recently, Propositions 187 and 209 in California are all indications that the public is ready for reforms which return greater power into the hands of the white and powered majority. In Texas and California, where the wars are primarily being fought, immigrants are being blamed for social malaise and a general lowering of standards. In those states, the public schools have been a special focus of attention. The following paper will examine civil rights in general, and the English Only movement in particular; in addition, Calfornia’a Propositions 187 (the initiative to deny basic social services to undocumented immigrants) and 209 (amends California’s state Constitution to forbid racial and gender …

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