Antigone/Rites Of Passion

4 April 2015
Critical analysis of 1988 film by New York dancer & avante garde director Amy Greenfield.

In 1988, New York dancer and avant garde filmmaker Amy Greenfield raised the money to make a feature film, her first,
Antigone/Rites of Death, based on Oedipus at Colonnus and Antigone by Sophocles. She was taken with the character of Antigone, who agonized over her father, Oedipus the King, killing himself in self-blinded despair. More important, Antigone then buried her brother, Polynices, within the city limits of Thebes in defiance of her uncle Creon’s decree of death for anyone who did so, then killed herself rather than let Creon execute her. However, Greenfield did not want to produce a dramatic staging of the plays. Her idea was to recast the classic Greek tragedies in pantomime, substituting somber facial expressions and dancing for dialogue and conventional acting. Her cast of actors would include the following: herself as Antigone; former…
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