Ants: Story Compares To American Government Today Of All Politics Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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Ants: Story Compares To American Government Today Of All Politics Essay Sample
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The film Antz is merely like the American Government today because it has all tips of political relations. In the film it has many authorities issues like the settlement was led by a president. In the settlement there was ever person who would make up one’s mind “who gets what. when. and how. ” The intent for person to make up one’s mind something and holding a authorities is to hold order of things. The film Antz shows that it has a queen and in the queen has the power and control over the whole settlement. The Antz have to follow the regulations and Torahs that the queen puts and they have no say in it the settlement was an indirect democracy.

In the film Antz they had no life. autonomy and belongings the chief character Z wanted to travel outside the settlement but he didn’t hold his autonomy to make so. In the film the military represents a unsafe force they take advantage of their power and portion of their settlement dice in conflict. But in this film there is merely one Dictatorship running the ground forces the queen does non acquire into the dissection but can do the last. I think we do necessitate a military. non to be contending with other states but to develop adolescents and immature grownups subject and to be all they can be. Having the armed forces besides benefits us greatly by holding our state secured so our ground forces will halt those enemies that want to assail us.

Of class the economic system of the emmets is a bid economic system. and everyone has to work towards “the good of the colony” . The chief emmet that controls the ground forces would ever set that in the Antz head to ever remain together and work all the clip. In this film they don’t have a authorities but that’s why the settlement is so manipulated by the chief emmet that controls the ground forces. They need the Government because it has the ultimate authorization to make up one’s mind how struggles will be resolved and how benefits and privileges will be allocated. The Antz merely had one authorization and would ever obey that authorization because that is what they have ever done. In the film they had no equality. where the thought that all people are of equal worth in this instance the Antz were nil but workers and they wouldn’t even have a choose what they would make. The chief Ant was the Queen who had the last say in everything she was like the whole authorities he would be the 1 who would make up one’s mind when to declare war and when to come in into a pact and established and control armed forces. The settlement did non hold to amendments nor was the fundamental law the settlement led like a communist state.

The other thing the Antz did non hold been at that place civil rights that refers to the rights of all Americans to be protection under the jurisprudence. The one think that Z did was the freedom of address after he switches topographic points with a soldier emmet non cognizing he will be traveling to war. The authorities dictated the full settlement and every facet of the Ants lives. But after that he knew he had the “Right” to make what he wanted to make. The general had no say in his life so the settlement started to see that they had there life. autonomy. and belongings and started to move on it. They were besides able to demo how individualism belongs to everyone and that you must contend for your right to make as you please. every bit long as it is non impeding person else’s freedom.

The ant settlement authorities strongly disagreed with Z and his individuality because it led other people to believe for themselves alternatively of acquiring blindly led by the Queen and General Mandible. The film besides had what they call a whistle blower. A whistle blower is person who brings gross governmental inefficiency or an illegal action to the public’s attending. In this instance Z was the whistle blower to the queen because of the general Z had a tough choose to do because like many people now in yearss don’t attempt to acquire involved because at the terminal it doesn’t turn out good for them. The civil service reform act prohibits reprisals against whistleblower by their higher-ups.

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